I have been told numerous times to write books, and I see the appeal – people relate to what I say, I can express my journey in ways they understand and relate to. Plus various other reasons.

I have no literary skills other then getting my thoughts out in writing. I am not deluded in any way as to my writing skills being anything other than average, but there does seem to be many who relate to what I write, as opposed to how I write.

I guess this is the crux of the matter – I have insight, I have expression ability, but is that really enough to write a book?

I certainly won’t be writing one Biblically related (yet?), because I am very aware how much more theology I have to learn.

But, the idea of putting a collection of written thoughts and insight into my healing journey, together into a book, appeals. Basically the things I write on my community page, put into some kind of order, and to be used as an insight, motivation, validation book, where readers could just read them one at a time and go back to them when struggling.

People already tell me they save my writings, to go back and reflect – so a book would be more convenient and could reach out to more people….

And it would highlight my faith too, so that’s always a good opportunity to talk about God, without ramming my faith down people’s throats – which I know is the worst thing to do.

Had so many not told me to write books – I wouldn’t even be considering it, as I have no designs on myself as any literary success at all.

But, even if it only helped a limited amount of people, it would be worth it, and I’ve already written so much anyway.

More to think about….get advice on…..pray about….

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