I think it is a true representation of society, that the Big Bang Theory is so popular – as it suits our increasingly narcissistic society that wants to say bad, harmful behaviour is okay.

Sheldon Cooper’s character is narcissistic, socially awkward, childish, hurtful, naive, irascible, selfish, rude, and irrepressible.

He believes he is superior to everyone, even Stephen Hawkins, has no respect for anyone, constantly thinks of himself, is willing to hurt others and do highly inappropriate behaviours he feels completely entitled to do – like hack into people’s computers, for his own selfish needs.

This TV show is very funny – I see that. It does make me laugh. The writing is clever, the acting is excellent. I have a well developed sense of humour, and I do see the humour.

BUT, the deeper issues of this program, are the continuing ‘normalising’ of bad, selfish, entitled, hurtful behaviour.

Which is not okay and a true reflection of where our increasing unhealthy society is heading.

Childish, immature adult men love Sheldon Cooper, wear batman tee-shirts like he does, embrace his immature behaviours, think comics and being obsessed with fictional characters is okay for adults – when it isn’t.

These behaviours of adult men, are highly immature and I have seen this myself. Men copying their idols ‘Bazinger’ catch phrase, like a child worships a hero like figure.

Sheldon Cooper’s character is a mixture of OCD, Machiavellian, Aspergers and Narcissism. He has all these traits clearly and whilst some may feel this is okay, some of these, are actually is very poor mental health that cause harm to others.

Sheldon Cooper’s character may be intellectually a genius, but in fact he is so ‘intellectual, he is stupid, immature, has no emotional intelligence at all, and is not someone I would want my boys to be viewing as a role model, in any way at all.

The fact that this encourages ‘grown men’ to be childish geeks and there are tee-shirts sold with ‘Bazinger’ on them, pictures of Sheldon, and childhood fictional superhero characters on them, is truly quite sad and quite frankly – pathetic.

The Big Bang Theory, is a smorgasbord for anyone who knows about psychology and diagnostic criterion for mental health disorders, particularly personality disorders.

Every character has mental health issues, most have issues with their parents and whilst there is nothing shameful in that, the fact that it is made comedy and cleverly disguised as okay and funny and something to believe is good – because these characters are intellectually/academically clever, is actually harmful to society.

Society is increasingly heading down a narcissistic path and increasingly has less emotional intelligence, increasing entitlement to do what you want – regardless of the cost to others or society. Steve Jobs being an excellent true life example.

Society embraces ‘selfies’ photos, saying people are ‘special’, condoning the ‘all about me’ attitude that people with those narcissistic immature traits to begin with – take full advantage of.

The Big Bang Theory, may be very funny, very cleverly written, but it is sadly a very telling example of the unhealthy path society is heading down. Along with the increasing amounts of reality TV, celebrity worship, all being a massive reflection of society’s increasing need for selfish, entitled, narcissism.

And so many people, don’t realise this. Due to their ignorance, non education in mental health, non understanding of unhealthy society beliefs and also – most concerning- because selfishness, mean, rude, lack of empathy, narcissism and other issues – is actually appealing and very seductive to so many.

Which is even worse.

And to know many expert psychologists and people I know to very wise, agree with this, validates my understanding of this.

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