Brett Peter Cowan, attended a sex offender treatment program, after abusing 30 children, raping at last two – aged 6 & 7, leaving one for dead. He has a long history of violent sexual crimes against children (and they let him out of prison)

He agreed to attend a sex offender program.

At the program they said he ‘responded well in the program’. They knew his history.

These ‘trained/professional’ people believed Cowan responded well. They were wrong. He was manipulating them, as these psychopaths can.

He still remained a psychopathic, opportunistic, violent paedophile, who escalated into a child killer.

They cannot be rehabilitated and will manipulate any system, program and fool mental health professionals.

I hope Daniel’s death, will highlight how they cannot ‘ever’ be considered to be rehabilitated.

Predator Psychopath’s cannot be rehabilitated.

Stop wasting tax payers money, and lose your ego’s to think your can ‘fix’ them. You can’t.

Just keep them in prison, and keep society and children safe.

Focus your money, time and attention, on the people who NEED THE HELP – their victims.