Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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You could say I am a DEEP person… ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


I love deeply
I hurt deeply
I care deeply
I feel deeply
I think deeply
I consider deeply
I reflect deeply
I battle deeply
I scare deeply Continue reading


Who walks our healing journey with us…….

Not everyone is equipped to deal with someone going through deep emotional pain.

This can be for many reasons such as; lack of emotional intelligence, lack of wisdom, fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, ignorance, lack of compassion/empathy, avoidance of taboo issues like mental health/abuse, fear of issues beyond those they can relate to, seeing us as ill etc there are more.

Some people just genuinely cannot handle it, but still care and need to care from a distance. Continue reading


Bullying and abuse often occurs within situations where there is hierarchy…

Like within families. Within workplaces. Within Churches. Within Organisations.

My counsellor and I were discussing this and she has seen abuse and bullying occur within all of these. Continue reading

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PTSD triggers, you just never know when they are going to happen…

After going to pick up my friend from hospital, I got home and my amazing husband was in the middle of doing all the vacuuming, so sent me out as he knows I hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner. I was already very emotional, as I haven’t seen my friend for 5 weeks and seeing her was such a highly emotional time, many tears and huge hugs. I thought I had lost her, as she is on the same journey as me, but in a much worse place and was in hospital for her safety. So knowing I hadn’t lost her was emotive. I love her deeply.

So, after dealing with that, it was a good idea to go out and avoid any further stressors, like noise.

I went to a local quiet cafe. Bought a magazine to flick through and just wanted to chill out. Ordered a sandwich and a latte. Continue reading