Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Neglect…..a society wide issue…..

Neglect is something I am realising is such a huge society and worldwide issue.

Neglect by parents to love and care for their children, with abuse and selfishness and even those who view status, money, image and wealth above spending time raising their children, resulting in parental neglect to children.

Neglect by society to adequately help all those with problems like domestic violence and child abuse. Continue reading


The plan for my life, before I was even born…

I’ve felt very sad in the past that I wasn’t born into a nice Christian family and wondered why God didn’t reveal himself to me until 4 years ago.

I’ve felt sad often of the lack of having a good relationship with parents and family. I’ve always been so happy for others to have real relationships with their Mum and have a Dad that protects them, as Dad’s should do, but felt a deep aching hole in my life, where these relationships were meant to be, but never were.

I have sat and wondered why God couldn’t let me know for the first 40 years of His presence, let me know He was with me, as my life would have been easier to endure. Continue reading