Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


PTSD is not an excuse for aggressive, abusive behaviour…

PTSD does not give us the right to be abusive to our loved ones. It’s not an excuse to shout and scream, or be verbally abusive, or physically abusive.

PTSD does involve anger, but our love for our loved ones, our understanding of what is acceptable behaviour, must remain more of a need, than our need to vent anger. Continue reading


Grace….far more than what we say when we give thanks for our food…..

It’s a sad fact that I have been shown little grace, little mercy, little compassion for all the abuse I have endured.

I’ve had no real love or compassion from my own family.

I had no compassion, or mercy shown by the abusers.

But, I have been shown considerable grace by God. Even though I don’t deserve it. For I am a sinner too. Continue reading

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We cannot control others, only ourselves….

It hurts me and upsets me when I see other trauma and PTSD survivors, upset and hurt by the stigma, lack of emotional intelligence and hurtful comments and attitudes people can have towards those with PTSD.

I am learning I ‘cannot’ control what other people think of me, I cannot make them understand, I cannot make them have the capacity to understand something as deep as this. Continue reading