Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Another one of those typical rollercoaster days, exhausting me.

Many of my days seem like this, a rollercoaster of emotions and symptoms.

Complex trauma survivors tend to either have suppressed emotions, or deeply felt emotions and controlling these is not easy.

After 20 years of suppression and avoidance, minimization and denial of the severity of my past, my emotions are now all being felt, fully, deeply, strongly.

Forty one years of emotions, pain and suffering, not allowed to be felt, all coming out, pouring out. Continue reading

I really feel the need to go to Bible College….

I told my doctor this, when I saw her two weeks ago. I said ‘if I didn’t have PTSD, I would love to go to Bible College’. She asked ‘why can’t you?’. She encouraged me this is definitely something I can and should achieve within my future journey, maybe not right now, but in the future. Continue reading

Serious Mental Illness and faith: what to do?

I interesting post and comments, on a topic I feel quite strongly about. Stigma and ignorance about mental health are throughout society, including Christianity and something I want to learn far more about, in my persuit of the Truth.

Musings of a Christian Psychologist

Had a meeting today with two people from UPENN (one a prof) who are working to break down barriers for those with Serious mental illness (SMI). They have found that folks with SMI are quite likely to acknowledge spiritual or religious beliefs and identity. And yet, these folks say there are two serious roadblocks for finding support. First, the church does not seem particularly open to folks with SMI. Second, mental health professionals are either unsupportive or downright negative about the faith/beliefs of those with SMI.

Actually, the UPENN folks said they had more hope that the church would be open to developing policies and systems for supporting the mentally ill than they had hope in influencing the mental health professionals that paying attention to one’s faith is an essential part of their healing and rehabilitation.

One of the church’s challenges is that they need to develop strategies for the…

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