Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Out of the darkness: Tommy’s story

Amazing man, such courage, doing something about the abuse allowed, condoned, ignored within these religious institutions. No child should ever have to go through this, and there is an added layer of deeply painful betrayal, that it was by ‘religious’ people, claiming to love Jesus. I support this man fully. He a man of courage, integrity and persistence, and more of these people are needed in the world, not mindless sheep and weak leaders.

A Glass Half Full

Imagine this. It is 1949. In small-town Australia, a young woman makes a decision that will change her life and – immeasurably – those of her two small children. Defeated by an abusive marriage and a life of poverty, far from the support of her own family, she leaves her toddlers in the one room they live in, and takes the train to a new life without them.

Their father, unable or unwilling to raise the children himself, delivers them to a local children’s home, run by the Anglican Church. Sometimes he comes to visit, but after a while stops. Four-year-old Suzanne and two-year-old Richard never see either of their parents again.

This is where you might want to shut your imagination down. What followed is the stuff of nightmares, unimaginable for those of us who grew up in warm, safe and loving homes. Suzanne and Richard, along with many…

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Even within these blog posts, I can see huge changes that have occurred within me.

When scrolling through these blog posts, with many of the first half being blogs from the past, added here to keep track of them, I can see the changing me, as my heart, my trust in God, my strength, the fruits of the spirit, all increasing.

I can see the prior confusion, the self doubts even from several months back, now gone.

I can see the clarity forming, over several months, as I processed events from within the last 18 months. This adding to the clarity I have about the past.

I can see my trust in God building, as He shows me more and more how much He loves me, protects me and is always with me. Continue reading