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Do you know who has messed up Christianity and who has caused people to turn away from it???

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Christians. Or rather, religious people.

I know I was not brought up in a Christian home/environment for many reasons. One of which being able to easily see the following, and not having being brought up in a Church means I can see things more objectively.

A lot of Christians brought up in Church’s, don’t know any other way. They often have little life experience to apply any form of analysis of what occurs. They often are sheep and go along with ‘how it is done’ and know no other way.

But I can see it objectively. And I am still digesting the extent of this. I am still grieving the realisation of this.

The people who are messing up Christianity are all the ‘Christians’ who have over decades and centuries and continue now, getting it wrong, being hypocrites and showing the world why NOT to be a Christian.

Abuse in Christian run children’s homes, much of which has to come out through investigations where they are forced to reveal – like the Royal Commission info Child abuse in institutions.

And I can see some Christians blaming the Royal Commission for revealing the abuse – but what a joke – if there was no abuse to begin with – there would be nothing to reveal.

And it is Biblical to expose sins.

The Catholic Church being renowned for all the child sexual abuse from priests they just move about instead of sacking. And how they pay out millions to victims to silence them.

Now the Catholic Church is the biggest provider of health care worldwide, but is this what most people, unbelievers think of when they think of Catholic Church’s? No, it is not. It is all the religious ways they insist on, which are the opposite of how Jesus lived His life. People see the Vatican City and think, wow, imagine all the starving people in the world that could be fed by all the billions spent doing all that religious crap. And all the abuse by priests, enabled by the Church.

The Baptist and Catholic Church’s worldwide which have ‘equal’ numbers of abuse cases, all doing the exact opposite of what should be done – covering up abuse, condoning it, enabling it and refusing to deal with it appropriately.

The Anglican Church recently where I live being revealed to condone considerable amounts of physical abuse and other forms of abuse.

And whitewashing and oppression rife.

The fact that so few cases of child abuse are reported to the police by these religious hypocrites shows what kinds of hearts these people have. It states quite clearly in the Bible to follow the laws of the land. If the laws say child abuse is illegal and it is to be reported to the Police – then it should – every time, without fail.

Then there are the ‘bully boy Christians’, who think it is their God given right to tell others of their sins, whilst completely being in denial of their own and then when they are called out on it – refuse to own it, don’t repent fully and show the world what total hypocrites they are.

These bullies focus of course on the sins they believe they will never commit, like being homosexual, or abortion. But, in God’s eyes ‘sin is equal’, so He hates their bullying ways, as much as any sin.

Failing to show love and compassion, forcing homosexual and lesbian people out of Church’s and ensuring they will never attend a Church to know they would be faced with such bullying and lack of love.

Then there are the fake ones who think going to Church, learning some Bible passages, makes them a Christian, but the other 6 days of the week, they fail miserably. They look the part on Sundays, do what’s expected in public, but behind closed doors are not at all what their ‘Sunday Church image’ portrays.

And there are all the preachers/teachers (the figures are alarmingly high and a pastor himself recently telling me how many pastors commit adultery), who are really doing what they do for their own glory, for their own ego’s, satisfying their own earthly desires, often doing what is needed for their own job securities, even when this is very wrong. And when found out, not being dealt with appropriately.

There are all those religious bullies who tell women to stay in known abusive marriages, because ‘that’s what the Bible says’.

God would ‘never’ want a woman or her children to endure abuse, whether physical, sexual, verbal or mental abuse, and no women should endure abuse and then be forced to forgive and go back into what is no doubt a potentially abusive situation.

Domestic violence within Christian marriages is far too rife, has been for centuries and continues to be.

Exactly the opposite of what a Christian marriage should be.

Then there are all the Christians who believe in harsh, physical discipline, like using belts on children etc. This ‘is’ abuse and no child of mine will ever need a belt. I know the Bible passage ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’, but the rod was for guidance and pointing in the right direction, with love and kindness, not to hit children harshly with belts and other wicked forms of abusive punishment.

And then there are all the mindless, brainless sheep, following along, believing whatever they are told, scared to speak out against wrongs, especially when they committed by leadership.

Jesus modelled behaviour needed to be shown.

Did He ever belt a child, or an adult? No He didn’t.

Did He do any of the things above, no He didn’t.

Did he ever condone abuse of any kind, no He didn’t.

He was not afraid to speak up when wrong was done.

He didn’t follow along like a mindless sheep.

In fact He ended up hung on a cross in doing what He knew was right in obedience to God. He saved us by not being tempted away from what He knew He had to do for our salvation, such was His love for mankind, for God’s children.

These ‘religious people’ though who constantly show their hypocrisy, their fakeness, their lack of having good hearts and just how bad they are at understanding Jesus’ life and what it meant and even worse these fake Christians that hide their sins, condone each others sins, enable more sins, are the ones ruining Christianity for the world.

No wonder other religions are increasing in popularity and spreading.

This is not just the work of Satan in these non believers, this is the work of Satan in the so called Christians – who continually allow Satan to work in them and not enough Christians stop this from happening, instead finding scripture that fits what most makes them feel comfortable.

Religious people are ruining Christianity. Not unbelievers.

If more people modelled true Christian behaviours, lived how Jesus modelled, more people would be attracted to Christianity. And there certainly would be no abusers condoned, no Vatican cities and a lot more people treated with kindness and compassion and loved.

The extent of all this truly saddens me, upsets me, because I want more people to know God, not be turned away by fake, hypocritical religious, highly sinful people.

It will continue to be an increasingly fallen world, because religious people are making such a mess of showing what it is to be a Christians and I grieve this.

I am still processing the extent of all of this.

But, I know I always want to model being honest, never being a hypocrite and always standing up for what I believe.

I know to take advice from people who can be trusted, good, mature Christians who I know will help me, tell when I am wrong and guide me with good heart intentions.

I know I will go to Bible college and I know I need to learn all I can, to increase my Biblical knowledge.

But, I am deeply grieved by all the hypocrisy of religious people who show the world how not to be a Christians and stand there and say they are one.

It breaks my heart for all those hurt and abused by so many religious people.

It’s not enough to say ‘well Church’s are full of sinful people’. It’s not enough to say just ‘forgive and move on’.

That’s the hypocrisy that turns people away. That’s the hypocrisy that causes division in people’s relationship with God.

Yes Christians are sinful, no-one is perfect and I don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but I do expect sin to be dealt with appropriately, justly and full repentance, and I know this is expected of me as well. I expect this of myself.

Christianity needs a kick up the arse, before it is too late.

Although, it is predicted that this won’t happen and it already is too late. Biblically it states it will get worse, and many religious people are doing a good job of helping that along.

Christians are ruining Christianity. But mostly they will deny this and blame anyone else.


Author: Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. I am using my journey to recovery and healing, to help others, to help survivors feel less alone, validated, encouraged and to enable others to understand themselves more. Complex trauma, particularly from severe, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life changing. Complex trauma produces complex adults. The journey to recovery is a painful, often lonely, emotional daily challenge and it is my aim to encourage others in their daily battle. ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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