Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Those who claim to have the strongest marriages, usually don’t….and a perfect example.

I have noticed, repeatedly, those who claim to have the strongest marriages, who rarely or never say their marriage has problems, are usually the ones hiding their marriage problems.

I knew this about a certain married couple I knew fairly well. I saw the inconsistencies, the cues that their marriage wasn’t as strong as their image portrayed. I knew their image was not what was really occurring behind closed doors. But I didn’t realise just how bad their marriage state was. But, it became very clear, when revealed, praise God! Continue reading

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Being patronised……by narcissists…..sad really, but I can’t stay angry with them.

Having just read back the last email I had from someone I am now in the process of dealing with a formal complaint about, the patronising tone, is just laughable really.

A man, weak, insecure, a liar, who abuses his authority and counselling privilege, is patronising me. A man so stupid he admits his lies and sins in writing, because he truly believed he would get away it and had so little empathy or understanding of the hurt he caused. His thoughts, only about himself.

It’s so pathetic, that it’s actually quite sad. Continue reading