Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – is not poor mental health, contrary to what people uneducated in mental health may believe.

PTSD doesn’t mean poor mental health. PTSD means you have re-experiencing symptoms due to past trauma and anxiety.

Poor mental health is when a person really does not know what is wrong with them, has little self awareness, little self insight and/or has little capacity to engage in therapy etc.

I have considerable insight into myself and my symptoms and I have been able to manage my symptoms well, in a fairly short period of time and I have engaged fully in therapy, in fact my counsellor has remarked I am doing a lot of my own therapy – that showing my considerable capacity and insight. Continue reading

Sewing – a great mindfulness and creative and useful hobby!

I just made a dress in about 45 minutes – which included ironing it. And I love it!

Mindfulness requires you to focus on what you are doing, so your mind doesn’t drift away to other things – like trauma, or a nightmare you had, or an ongoing complaint in process.

Mindfulness is excellent – because I really have to focus. I have to be totally aware of what I am doing, so I do focus entirely on the sewing.
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