Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


It’s not just a trigger…….it’s distorted cognitive thinking….

I have noticed that many complex trauma survivors have cognitive distortion in their thinking, in different ways.

I am aware I can be ‘all or nothing’, but I also have considerable self insight and know when I am doing this and that I need to consider the middle ground.

I am also aware that complex trauma survivors tend to ‘tar everyone with the same brush’, once hurt. Continue reading


There’s a part of me that feels really sorry for people, even if they hurt me.

I’ve just found out that someone who put a nasty accusatory comment on my facebook, who then apologised in private, clearly was not sincere in their apology.

And I know why the fake apology was given, because in his nasty comment, he had showed himself to be another bully from the Church where an ongoing formal complaint is in process. So, he ‘had’ to apologise. Even my husband had stated this was no doubt this persons motivation for apologising and he was right..

But, I showed this person grace and gave him the opportunity to show in time if he was sincere in his apology and wanting to ‘stay in touch’, as were his words. He has now blocked myself and my husband, for no reason, which I couldn’t less about, but it proves his insincerity in the apology and basically anything he said.

And I have been praying for this man and his family. But then, I am a nice, genuine person. And have felt sorry for this family. I have offered to help this family. Continue reading

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DP: Little Red Riding Hood… Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing! (Acts 20:29)

Excellent post and something I have also written about. Wolves in sheeps clothing are indeed everywhere. We need to be very vigilant, and not ignore when God exposes them.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Daily Prompt: Opposite Day

Today, I will write something opposite from what I would  normally write…. well, somewhat.

First, I will start with the story , “Little Red Riding Hood” by Brothers Grimm...  then I will tell you the reason for my story…

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I have a huge block about regularly attending another Church.

I know myself and my family need to start attending Church regularly.

I know all the problems, abuse and failures of the previous Church we attended, is just them – it isn’t a reflection of all Church’s.

I know now their ‘elitist’, ‘cliquey’ ways that I always knew existed, are not what a Church should look and feel like. It didn’t go unnoticed to me, that leadership there and others often put other denominations and Church’s down, which is not Godly and is a sign of an abusive Church.

I know there are far too many fake, non genuine people there, and the weak leadership is a reflection of what occurs and part of that is abuse.

There are some genuine people there, some lovely people, but there are too many who are not at all what Jesus modelled. These people are ‘religious hypocrites’, who cannot self reflect, don’t want to – it would make their lives uncomfortable. Continue reading