Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Narcissists will always find an excuse for their actions.

I grew up with narcissists, I know how they operate, how they think, and their deep need to always deflect blame, excuse their sinful behaviour.

I am currently dealing with a narcissist, who tried to use the excuse that ‘transference’ was why he acted so highly inappropriately with me, as a pastor, in a counselling situation.

I have been thinking more about this whole situation – the bad relationship he has with his own parents, the issues with his brother and how I have always believed there was more to that family situation than I know.

I have had considerable abuse in my life, and I have had soft boundaries. This man pushed way past many boundaries as a pastor and as a friend, deliberately, knowingly and then when he’d been caught out by his wife, dealt with the situation at the time badly and with no concern about me, only about himself. Continue reading


NEWSFLASH!!!! So the Pope has said he won’t judge gay people…..

This was in the news headlines today – as if this is something new to Christianity – this issue of ‘judging’ people. People they don’t even know personally.

Yes, we all do it and we would be liars if we said we didn’t.

But, I don’t judge someone because they are gay.

I assess people for their character and their heart.

I accept differences in people, I know I am not perfect and sin is sin, so who am I to judge someone for being gay, or tell them they are wrong.

If you are gay, that is between you and God, nothing to do with me. Continue reading