Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Do you forgive people who failed to show support?

My husband and I were talking about the lack of support I have received from people
regarding the formal complaint and spiritual abuse situation.

Not one person has come forward from that Church and offered to support me, not as in taking sides, but just offered to be there, let me talk, ask me if I am okay.

This is not what Jesus would have done, Jesus reached out to the hurt, abused, ignored, stigmatized and helped them.

And this is an abuse situation, not just a quarrel between Church members. Continue reading


I haven’t grieved the babies I’ve lost.

I’ve just sat, struggling not to cry my eyes out, watching a documentary about a couple who have had miscarriages and a still born baby and the pain and grief this caused.

They got to spend 2 days with their baby daughter, take photos, hold her, talk to her, cuddle her, kiss her. Which is the new way parents are encouraged to grieve their still born babies, or babies that only live a matter of minutes, or hours after birth. I could see the pain in both the parents. It’s truly heartbreaking.

I’ve never grieved the babies I’ve lost. They weren’t still born, but they were still my babies. Continue reading


Hyper vigilance, is different for complex trauma survivors.

It’s very interesting reading the differences in hyper vigilance between a combat soldier and a complex trauma survivor.

A combat soldier’s hyper vigilance will be all about the environment and can affect driving – as the trauma they endured was related specifically to this.

As a complex trauma survivor having severe, multiple, interpersonal trauma/abuse, my hyper vigilance is about environment – but so much more than that. Continue reading


Wow, this is very interesting reading. Applies to the narcissistic pastor I endured abuse from.

I still get that overwhelming sense of ‘wow’, when I read other people’s understanding of narcissist/sociopaths and how they apply to the abusers in my life, and in particular to the pastor – who is without doubt – a narcissist himself and bordering sociopath.

And how common these people are in society – 1 in 20 people!

Wow! Satan must be so happy. No wonder God is busy trying to get courageous people like myself to help expose this wherever possible and no wonder these brave people are treated badly and rejected as I have been – Satan is loving encouraging that.

And so many people are being deceived by these narcissists/sociopaths.

So many people can’t spot these people, they are clever and get away with what they do, so much. Continue reading

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My life, is a massive testimony to God’s love, God’s grace. But, some people’s testimony’s, are not.

I have heard a few testimonies from women and I appreciate what some have been through, has been painful and a wonderful testimony to God.

Interestingly, I heard the testimony of the wife of the pastor that I have formally complained about. Continue reading