Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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My husband doesn’t say much, so when he does, he means it.

My husband is far more black and white about thing than I am sometimes. To him, if someone hurts me, then he just thinks – get rid of them and move on.

My husband and I are very different people. He is a fair man, but openly admits he doesn’t spend time thinking of, or worrying about people, which is good, as he is a cop, and you need to that ability to just switch it off. Continue reading

When the shit hits the fan……

I am in the middle of something very difficult, a formal complaint against a pastor of a Church, regarding abuse. This situation would be devastating for anyone.

It is only through God’s grace this hasn’t broken me completely. But God never allows me to go through more than He has equipped me to deal with.

I am also in the middle of dealing with my very severe trauma history and the last 12 months have been deeply painful and God knows I need people who actually are willing to help me in a loving and others centred way, just as I would for them.

And people in my life know all this. I am very honest and open about it. That’s who I am. And I do know people have their own issues in their life, which I would be there for them through, without hesitation.

I know God is transforming my life, transforming me, and my husband, and my children. God is revealing people’s hearts in my life at the moment and for good reason. I know He needs my life reduced, to who He needs in my life. Continue reading