Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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It is wrong to think about human suffering a lot?

I am someone who knows deep human suffering and having no-one who cares.

I have always thought about it a lot. I still do, even though I am a Christian and know much good happens in the world too.

But, as a Christian, God doesn’t need help with the good, He wants some people to step up and help those suffering, who need help.

Yes, God doesn’t want us to be sad and wants us to have joy in our lives, which I do with my family, my husband and children, and my friends.

But, do I need more joy than that? Is it wrong to also spend a lot of time concerned and thinking about sin, suffering and focus on this too. I don’t want exercise, or craft, or cleaning to become my idols, I want to focus on what I believe are my purposes in life, my family and helping others. Continue reading


Picking your battles wisely, and saying nothing, when words won’t help others.

Recognising where someone is at – cognitively, spiritually, their level of wisdom etc, can give you choices of how to respond.

Picking your battles can be a choice, and wisdom and grace needs to prevail.

This can be hardest when so many people you care about, hurt you. My need to protect myself is strong, which can be good, but can just as easily be used for sin.

It’s human nature to defend yourself when hurt, learning not to respond when hurt, is hard and something I need to learn more of and I am. Continue reading


People criticise what they don’t understand, people criticise those who are spiritually further progressed.

Having talked with my counsellor about the stages of spiritual development, has made me think. I’m always thinking, my brain never stops.

My counsellor explained level 6, is where someone has made their entire life about God, as in someone like Mother Teresa.

I’ve heard people criticise Mother Teresa, for all different reasons, and I’m sure she wasn’t perfect, but she did make her entire life about God. Continue reading


Loneliness, is incredibly hard.

There are so many people in this world suffering, with no-one who cares, no-one who understands, no-one to hold their hand.

Mother Teresa said human loneliness, having no one to care, being forgotten, is a worse form of suffering than starving and she is right. Continue reading