Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Why victims/survivors have a better understanding of sociopathic behaviour than most psychologists

I agree with this. Having a personal real life understanding of being on the receiving end of more than one of these, gives you a deeper understanding.

Dating a Sociopath

I had spent a lot time in professional working environments working with statutory homeless. This included many diagnosed psychopaths/sociopaths. I had worked alongside mental health teams, had trained for and worked with victims of domestic violence. I completed a course at University in Counselling and another course in life coaching.

Yet, none of these experiences, had given me the depth of knowledge that I had of understanding sociopathic behaviour more than being personally involved with more than one.  It is a depth of understanding that was not available to me in a working or educational capacity.

I spent the last year in support forums for victims. This led me to understand the patterns of behaviour, how they were universal, and how stories were almost identical. For a long time in the relationship I was under the mask of illusion, I didn’t want it to be true – but pain forced…

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Totally exhausted, the last few weeks/months, catching up on me.

Until last week, I had the ongoing anticipation, stress and need to focus, to ensure I could do my best when interviewed by the investigators for the formal complaint of spiritual abuse, to speak and expose all that was required.

I knew to focus and keep going, not be brought down by all the stress, all the ‘issues’ that came about thick and fast during the weeks leading up to last week. Satan, indeed doing his best, failing to play his hand, so throwing out all his cards, but failing.

I was provided, graciously, with all the strength, focus and calmness I needed by God, for God’s purposes and that I know with absolute certainty and clarity. I felt Jesus’ presence and the calming within me. Continue reading

My life testimony to Christ, to deal with the bad, but to also then point to the light.

Having been a non Christian most of my life, I totally understand all the arguments against Christianity.

I see all the wars and greed centred around religion and how that portrays a truly shocking image of Christianity.

I see all the arguments about how within the Catholic Church dealing badly with their paedophile priests and leaders, is disgusting and so wrong and again, portrays an image of Christianity that is so far removed from what Christ modelled.

Plus all their millions spent in their religious ways, with the Vatican City, paying out millions per year to silence abuse survivors abused within the Catholic Church.

I also see clearly how non Christians don’t understand there is a difference between religion and relationship – after all many people who attend Church every Sunday don’t understand this either. Continue reading