Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

‘We are concerned you will not be happy with the outcome’

As soon as I heard those words spoken when I talked with the formal complaint investigators, I realised they had already made up their mind what their decision for recommendations would be, prior to speaking to me.

Which is very wrong if they had a pre-determined decision, before even speaking to me.

It made me feel that no matter what I said, they had already made up their mind, and didn’t intent to take into account anything I said and my reasons for wanting these narcs removed from leadership and why. Continue reading

Interesting to be told – Church sheep are not mindless sheep, what they have done is sin and I am excusing their behaviour when I shouldn’t.

Interesting to have my wise counsel explain to me that Church people, even if stuck at stage 3 in their spiritual progression as most Christians are – are not mindless sheep, and the actions of many have been sin and why.

Everyone has access to the Bible in the country I reside in. All Church people have a Bible, they are able to read it and should apply Biblical verses to situations. If they don’t, and choose their ‘Church family/inner circle/cult’ rules over the Bible, this is sin.

Spiritual abuse, is abuse, is trauma and is evil.

Wolves in Sheep’s clothing, is something talked about very clearly in the Bible, and it is clear these people should not be in Church leadership.

Church leaders should be willing to be challenged, not resist it and sin more.

I have enough evidence to show this man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My counsellor has seen the messages from last year, showing this ‘grooming’ behaviour and then the highly inappropriate actions, combined absolutely show this leader to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, with no doubt.

I have made it clear to enough people at that Church, what I endured was abuse, spiritual abuse. Continue reading

Still being told to write a book….

Many people have told me I should write a book and I see how my writing resonates with people, my honest, my raw expression of my emotions, my self insight and insight into humanity, plus my ability to have empathy, even with my abusers, is something people find inspiring to read.

I am always blown away to know many mental health professionals use my community page to help educate help them and also they recommend it to their clients – to assist them in healing and there’s no way that happens, without God being involved in this.

I am someone who could barely acknowledge my past 12 months ago, let alone use it to help so many without this being God’s plan. I am very aware of my own limitations and how the last 12 months rapid changes in me and my growth have occurred and I know it absolutely isn’t me responsible for this dramatic change. Continue reading