Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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My doctor’s report to support the formal complaint of spiritual abuse, is excellent, as I knew it would be.

I knew my doctor’s report would be excellent, and it is.

It confirms spiritual abuse, it confirms a lot and has now been passed on to the investigators and I hope they ‘really’ read it and see how honest I have been and how these spiritual abusers have dealt with their own deep sins – denial, minimizing, justifications, attacking with lies – all confirming my identification of narcissistic traits, plus total failure of repentance as a result. Continue reading

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James Fowler’s Stage of Faith.

James Fowler’s Stages Of Faith explanation;


Stage 1
Intuitive-Projective This is the stage of preschool children in which fantasy and reality often get mixed together. However, during this stage, our most basic ideas about God are usually picked up from our parents and/or society. Continue reading

Some ‘terms’ I have realised goes on so much in Christianity.

Throughout the last 6 months, I have learned so much, as is God’s grace, in equipping me with more wisdom, whilst providing the strength and healing I needed too.

A few terms I have come up with throughout this time are;

‘Selective Bible verse abuse’

‘Cookie cutter Christians’

‘Christian persecution complex’ Continue reading