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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


The hypocritical pastor telling others to repent, when he can’t even tell the truth, let alone repent.

The associate pastor I have formally complained about, is one that likes to tell others to repent, yet he can’t even tell the truth, let alone repent.

He told us once about a couple who contacted the Church, wanting to get married. They weren’t Church goers but just wanted to get married in Church. They had met whilst married to other people, ‘fell in love’, left their respective spouses, and then wanted to get married.

This pastor asked them if they had apologised to their former spouses for the adultery and the marriages breaking down and they stated no.

He told them, they would need to go to their former spouses and seek forgiveness first, before he would agree to marry them. They refused to do this, so he refused to marry them and they were upset and stated he was being judgemental.

I remember this ‘story’ well, because I could see the pride and the almost glee in how he could condescend to these people. He wasn’t sad for them, he was patronising in the way he spoke of it. He showed pride in his ability to ‘lord’ it over them. Continue reading

Repentance, remorse – a true Christian’s ability and virtue.

If we are true Christians, as in we have a personal relationship with Christ, are obedient to God’s will and are willing to do what is required of us, in obedience and humility, then repentance is something we will be willing to do.

It will be interesting to see the report for the formal complaint about spiritual abuse by a Church leader and what the leaders are required to do and I hope it is soon.

Within this complaint I have also highlighted and brought to their attention, how the senior leader and the Church as a whole failed, within this big test by God. A test of many issues God required exposed and I have highlighted in full.

If the report does in fact highlight all this, then as ‘Christians’, these people are meant to repent and God’s teachers are judged more harshly by God, so their failure to repent, will not be without consequence.

I wonder what their ‘repentance’ will look like? Continue reading

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My blog, shows the ultimate in ‘mindfulness’ for PTSD.

I am aware of my journey over the last 12 months, and how dramatic that has been.

From someone barely functioning, to someone so deeply aware of the importance to have God and Jesus, at the forefront of my thoughts throughout the day and I do.

My faith, occupies a large proportion of my thoughts now, which has to be the ultimate in mindfulness for a Christian!

I am glad to look back over my blogs and see the transformation, which I am only too aware being God’s healing and the work within me, within my heart, increasing my knowledge, wisdom and sometimes, it’s almost surreal to see how much has happened in 12 months. Continue reading