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Really sad seeing pastors and narcs encouraging wrong beliefs. And why this made me cry.

Rightly judging the sins of other Christians in love, is Biblical, required by Jesus.

Grace, is not about ignoring sins and leaving it to God. Grace is ‘what would Jesus do?’

You ‘can’ lose your salvation and if you deliberately remain in non repentance, hurting others in the process, your eternal life is at risk.

These are all beliefs I know, but the opposite is being encouraged by pastors, pastors I know.

I see why narcissists are drawn to this un-Biblical belief that you can’t lose your salvation. It’s perfect for narcs, they can continue sinning, knowingly, not be truthful, lie and not repent, but think it’s okay – they believe they are saved, no matter what.

This is so sad and the fact that I believe their eternal life is at risk, scares me for them.

I want to grab hold of them, shake off these immature beliefs, talk sense into them, and just say ‘look, just be honest, tell the truth, because God requires repentance and I don’t want to believe you may go to hell.’

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Now I see why the Holy Spirit is leading me away from Calvinism.

I have often questioned some of the beliefs I have heard from Baptists and the more I learn, the more I research, the more I listen to what I am being told, the more I see why I am being led away from what I ‘know’ is not correct.

I can see they have a very limited and constricted view, based upon certain Bible verses, whilst conveniently ignoring others, which I have seen in action.

Listening to the people in this link speak of fundamental beliefs – like whether you can lose salvation, was very interesting. Driscoll, never being someone I have warmed to, sensing his authority driven, narcissistic traits ways, is someone I know to stay away from. I’ve read some of his books and not had a sense of this being what I need to know and I was right.

So, listening to Greg Boyd, was interesting and definitely someone I see is more aware of the deeper theological background and someone who looks at the ‘whole’ picture, ‘all’ the Bible verses, not ‘selective’ in his needing to find verses that fit what ‘he’ wants to believe.