Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


‘It’s hard to be someone who see’s, understands and knows things, many other don’t.’

On my last counselling session, this is what my counsellor said to me.

It was a very validating response to how I feel, knowing most people around me, most people I will ever meet, won’t understand many things to the depth I do.

I am aware wisdom comes with life experiences, and compared to most people around me, I have lived 10 lifetimes worth of experiences.

Life experience and wisdom, are truly valuable things to have and I am know I am truly blessed to have these. They are gifts from my heavenly Father, as a result of my life and He knows I will use these gifts to help and serve others in need. He knows my heart.

My counsellor has told me I will make an excellent trauma counsellor and has encouraged me to consider writing books and this is something most people I know would not see in me. To some I am just this crazy woman, who’s always been kooky and quirky, weird and different. Continue reading


Forgiveness, is a process that takes time and does not have to mean reconciliation.

There is this false belief about forgiveness, that you just suddenly decide to forgive and in an instance you do.

Now this does apply to minor things to forgive, but does not apply to serious issues, like abuse.

Forgiveness is a process, that requires grieving and does involve anger, sadness, hurt, pain and for any Christian to believe differently to this, then they are very immature Christians.

There are also different forms of forgiveness required by God. And these do not have to involve reconciliation, even if these people call themselves Christians.

I do not hate any of my abusers, nor am I angry at them. But, I am still ‘allowed’ to feel grieving as it comes up and to feel hurt at what they did. To be angry at the sins.

Grieving isn’t just a quick few months process and then it’s done. Grieving can come up at any time and it hurts and it is okay to feel that. And then it is another choice of our free will, to forgive again. Often forgiveness is required more than once and is required many times.

Those who consider themselves mature Christians (therefore showing they are not by that very fact), often don’t understand forgiveness on any depth, nor do they understand grace. They often have a very limited life experience of applying either of these concepts and will preach about something they don’t even know they could do if applied to something as severe as the abuse I have endured. Continue reading