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So the formal complaint report, was exactly what I expected.

Apparently the information contained in the report is to remain confidential.

Yes, well as long as I don’t say names, I can say what I like here, in my blog.

It has been confirmed all the things I could prove, has been stated to be highly inappropriate, complete failure to adhere to code of conduct, highly inappropriate use of facebook messaging and he has to close his facebook account and only have one with his wife (and she needs to keep a much closer eye on him), complete failure to conduct counselling appropriately and failure to keep any records about these ‘counselling’ sessions. That’s a lot of failures.

Due to so many denials (lies) by them, motive cannot be ascertained/proven, but my doctor stated it was spiritual abuse and she saw them in action. My counsellor has seen the messages and she confirmed it was spiritual abuse and grooming. I am aware the people who matter, who know me, know the truth, including Jesus.

So, he cannot do anything like this again for 5 years, or he loses his pastor license, so that is a huge relief, as hopefully this will mean no-one else has to endure what he did to me, so praise God for that!!

He is being investigated further due to my complaint and his ‘burn out’ (which was his excuse) to see if he is suitable to continue in his job. Continue reading

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Being ignored by people who don’t know the truth, is hurtful.

Following spiritual abuse by a Church pastor, and all the lies he and his wife have told, I am aware many people at that Church, do not have the correct understanding of what happened and believe something that is not true.

We had to leave the Church, due to the complete failure of the senior pastor to support us and because the behaviour of many people changed as they polarised around this issue.

It was a classic case of someone shouting wolf to a Church, and being treated like the problem and it being made clear we were not welcome and I was not believed.

Now, these are ‘Christians’ who were not there when this abuse occurred and do not know who is truthful, so therefore, should not be taking sides and when a complaint of abuse is made, people should have stepped up and offered us support. But, no-one did.

Since this occurred, I have seen several people from this Church, who have all – in a very un-Christian manner – ignored me. Including today. Continue reading