Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Successfully took myself off one of my meds this week! And I am fine!

I decided last week, I didn’t want to be on Mirtazapine anymore. I’ve been on it a year and I have been doing so much better over the last 3-4 months.

I am healing and I know that – despite stress that was ongoing – and this is all proof of the work of Jesus to heal me and I know the fruits of the spirit are all increasing too. Praise God!

So, as my doctor is away, I researched withdrawal issues with this medication, and it isn’t as bad as Effexor.

So, I talked to God, he knows my heart and why I want to reduce my meds. He knows I want to rely on my strength and healing from Him and not rely on medications indefinitely. He knows I trust Him and felt safe to stop taking it. Continue reading

It’s so sad and very wrong, to think people base God blessing them, with an outcome that is based on their lies.

I am aware that the outcome of the formal complaint, to the people complained about, will seem like a vindication of their harmful intent/spiritual abuse.

But when this is based upon their lies and only because the investigators had no witness to the abusive behaviour occurring at my home, this is ‘not’ a vindication or blessing by God, it is deception by Satan and God will be very angry that this situation is being seen as a blessing by Him.

God requires honesty and repentance, and they have failed to do this.

Lies like, ‘I only put my hand on her thigh in her home alone with her, when I was praying for her.’ Which he knows is a lie. He put his hand on my thigh while we were talking, not when we were praying. And God and Jesus know this is a lie. Continue reading