Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

As I cannot have daily teaching from a knowledgeable theologian based teacher……

I will read books from studied and knowledgeable theologians, like NT Wright and soak up as much learning and wisdom as I can.

It’s interesting that people who are so clearly not Biblically based at all – like Joyce Meyer, and the Hinn’s, Oprah and the like, are best sellers…

Such heresy preached and this is the reasons theology is so badly needed now, because those who do not know theology – lap up their rubbish and basic heresy and make these false teachers rich in the process! Continue reading

More Jesus never said……..preaching to non believers…


People may believe they are being a good Christian preaching to non believers, who have not asked to be preached at.

Which only shows immaturity of faith, lack of Biblical understanding and lack of understanding what Jesus did and following Him and not leaning on own human understanding and ignorance.

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More Jesus never said……….do you love gay people.


Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but God loves gay people as much as anyone else and He will be VERY angry at the sin and judgement and condemnation so called ‘Christians show to gay people, as this keeps them away from knowing Him.

I love people regardless of their sexual orientation.