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At a church, where is the cross? Where does the minister stand?

An interesting observation, I have made – that speaks volumes.

While attending a cult, masquerading as a church, I had wondered a few times, why the wooden cross they have up on their ‘stage’ – was over to the side, on the right.

Their ‘pastors’ stood – centre, right in the middle, with the cross, to their side, their left.

Humility – none.

The ministers are the focus – not Jesus.

At the Church I now attend, the cross is absolute centre.

The minister and anyone else speaking, stand to the left, or the right of the cross.

Jesus is the focus, not the minister.

This cult will argue, that’s the way it was designed, and I will say yes – exactly – it was designed, to not be a church with Jesus/God as it’s focus, and instead, have ministers considered to have more importance. Continue reading

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I’m going to be Baptised soon, praise God!

I thought it would be a really long time before I would ever be baptised.

A few reasons…

My fear of public speaking, my fear of having an anxiety attack, my fear of baptism – due to knowing baptism was done wrongly at the cult I was abused by, and this has played into my fear of baptism – this now being part of my PTSD triggers.

God protected me from ever getting baptised at this cult and I am incredibly thankful to God, because it would have been being baptised with Satan.

So, now I know what real baptism, real conversion, being a real Christian means – and I know I have been converted – my baptism, is needed. Not because baptism means I am ‘saved’ – it doesn’t. Not because this gives me my ‘ticket to heaven’ – it doesn’t. Continue reading

Poem – Insight into evil, is needed, to defeat it.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

People talk about evil
They joke
They trivialise
They minimize

Her life has shown
True evil
At work
Many times

The power it has
The manipulation
And it’s covert, slyness

Evil, is all around
Not just the past
She see’s it
Tempting all
Including her

Insight into evil
A blessing
Capacity to see
Not blinded
Able to resist

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