Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

How to really model being a real Christian….On a community support page.

A post on my community page. Received good response – from believers and non believers. Of course there will be those religious people, who will ignore it – sadly.

For the Christians in the community ❤

(If you are not a Christian, please either bypass this, or be respectful in comments, thank you).

I understand fully having deep love for God!

Being a Christian, is my heart, my soul and my insides!

I want to shout about God and the message of Jesus from the roof tops!

But, I am also aware and follow Jesus – and what He did closely, or I am not serving God, I will be serving Satan.

Jesus, only spoke to those who WANTED to listen to Him.

He only preached at the temples and to those who followed Him.

He did NOT – preach to those who did not want, or ask to listen.

Jesus did not 'make' people listen to Him – he did not show disrespect to the non Jews.

Preaching at non believers, means we are hypocrites and we will put people off and this is what is happening all over the world. Continue reading


Sarcastic Humour – Is It Okay? Narcissists Love It.

Have just seen a quote pic, I would much rather not have seen.


I hate triggers. I wish my PTSD, would go away.

But, it doesn’t go away. It’s still there.


I love humour, of all kinds and I can have can have a sarcastic sense of humour – and I find sarcasm funny – in the right context, with the right people.

But, I also see sarcasm, used by people with very negative personality traits – to actually put people down and elevate themselves.

I know one such person, who has a childish, sarcastic personality. He also has very high level narcissistic traits, and is an abuser – unable to admit it, a liar and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

One of the big reasons why he is a narc, is because his emotional development is stuck, in young childhood. He is very immature, still laughing at toilet humour – like my 11 yr old son does and even his wife has to ‘mother’ him about this – her being the controlling narc type, who likes to think she is ‘above’ her husband.

This man’s type of humour – led to a quote/pic – that became one that I always thought of in regard to him, and I have just seen it now. And he encouraged that – as like one of our ‘little in jokes’. Part of the grooming crap. Continue reading

My community page, is about so much more than PTSD. It is a ministry.

My page has turned into a ministry, of which I am increasingly aware I need to tread very carefully on, to ensure I am always acting in a Christian way.

I am very aware, I need to model appropriate behaviour, interactions, and being a Christian, well on my page.

I am aware I am going to be dealing with people who are emotional, hurt, traumatised, with cognitive distortions and this can sometimes lead to inappropriate comments, judgement, nasty comments.

I have a deep understanding of people’s behaviours and thoughts and fears, hurt and pain.

I also need to model appropriate boundaries – particularly as I talk about them often.

Have my boundaries, been healthy in the past? Hell no.

And that has been used and abused by too many people. And has lead to behaviours and choices I now have great remorse about. Continue reading

Poem – The Fear

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Fear inside
Locked into her soul

He’s here
The dread

She knows
What’s coming
The expression
On the face
Of evil

His voice
The tone
Evil smile
Black eyes

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