Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I am not afraid to talk about the really taboo stuff.

I posted this on my community page – as I believe in talking about everything.

This is about child & sexual abuse.

This is a fairly taboo and personal and difficult subject……..

So please know, I am aware it is emotive and will not apply to everyone, so please know that, but it will apply to some people.

That is why I am posting this, so anyone who is dealing with this, does not feel alone and can know the shame often attached to this – isn’t needed.

Childhood sexual abuse and normal bodily reactions…

During any sexual act – the body is designed to respond, with feelings of sexual arousal.

This can also occur, with children sexually abused and within adult sexually abusive trauma.

It is a relatively taboo subject – but I will raise it – because it is ‘normal’ for this to occur.

Even on Law & Order SVU – they talk about how when someone is abused, they ‘can’ (not always) feel sexually aroused and this is incredibly difficult for the victim to deal with.

This is not fiction for TV, this is actually true.

There is also evidence of the first sexual contact a person has – bonds them to the act and the type of person the sexual act was with. Continue reading

I am getting Baptized, in 7 days time….!

I have PTSD and part of that is massive anxiety – at things I don’t feel safe about and things I find difficult to do.

I have always had PTSD, I just didn’t know it, because I have never known any different. But, it got much worse.

Public speaking – is a nightmare for me.

I do know I will be okay – when I need to get up and speak.

But, I am still freaking out.

The baptism tank was there today….! Continue reading