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A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Tithes & Offerings??

Having been at a cult, where – of course – tithes and offerings were considered of big importance….

I have asked and done a little research.

Abusive, money hungry ‘church’s will ask for tithes and will make it an issue.

And yet, it is not even Biblical in the New Testament.

Too many church’s and certain denominations – are money hungry.

Too many ministers are paid too much money – which of course they all then salary sacrifice for tax purposes and pay hardly any tax on either. Continue reading

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Sadness, for those who feel the need to give filthy black looks.

Today, I saw someone from the cult, I was abused at.

She felt the need to give me a filthy black look, which I felt sad for her about.

She does not know what happened, she was not there during all the abuse, she has not seen all the evidence of abuse, or a report submitted that stated it was spiritual abuse, by someone who saw the abusers in action.

It is truly so sad, when people are so badly deceived.

I was, for some time at this cult.

I saw many red flags – inner circles, manipulating people into not lowering their tithes an offerings, intense focus on ‘church family’ of the selected, parenting programs that involve abuse, smacking babies, hitting teenagers with belts – which was confirmed to me today – by an extremely wise Christian – is abuse.

Many more reasons too – some I saw when in the cult, some after.

I have the grace to acknowledge these people – as human beings – despite all they have done. Continue reading


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There are nearly 10,000 people in this community and it truly is a special community, of such amazing healing warriors. Continue reading


God is PURE goodness and love. No evil exists in God.

Many people interpret the Bible wrongly.

They believe hell exists, where God will send those who don’t stand up to His expectations, and He will revenge them, and punish them, with eternal torment in hell.

Is that love?

It doesn’t sound like love to me.

I don’t believe people go to hell – as in a burning place of torment – I believe people have eternal death, and eternal separation, as is their choice, to not believe in God, or be converted Christians, or do what is needed, for eternal life, here on earth, with God, when Jesus returns, and God re-creates His Kingdom of God.

Many people believe God sent Jesus, ‘just’ to die for our sins’, because all we deserve is hell.

So wrong.

God did not send a perfect sinless man, His only Son, to die ‘just’ for our sins.

People who believe that believe in ‘Mesus’, not Jesus.

Jesus died on the cross, to stand up to all evil, and not repay evil with evil, and for a cosmological deliverance from evil – for the whole world. Not just for the select saved. How incredible self absorbed, to think Jesus came to die ‘just’ for our sins. How immature, for any Christian, to believe that.

No wonder people with high narcissistic traits, believe this junk about Jesus being all for ‘me’. Me, me, me.

Mesus worshipers – their idol.

Not Jesus.

What Satan wants and encourages. Satan wants people to be scared of God and think God hates us and wants to punish us. Continue reading