Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

I see clearly how bad ‘Christianity’, encourages narcissism and poor mental health.

People who interpret the Bible wrongly, can end up being encouraged in narcissism – and that is not of God.

Authority driven, man is the head, women in submission, women silent in church, physical abuse/discipline to children, hand over your money, don’t dare challenge the ‘ministers’, don’t challenge our wrong church doctrine, ministers elevated above Jesus, cookie cutter Christians welcome only….

All heading down the path of egoism, narcissism, misogyny, and a feeding and breeding ground for abuse – spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological abuse.

Not at all Biblical, of course, any of this crap they believe – but they will conveniently be selective in Bible verses, shallow and wrong interpretation and use and abuse it.

I will be researching this more, as unhealthy personality types, mental health issues and abuse are far more common within Christianity than people realise and not many seem to have the guts and courage to say – this is wrong.

The affect of this on the world – is also very detrimental to God and that is truly not okay. Continue reading


I’m getting baptized and most people who matter to me, won’t be there.

I’m getting baptized on Sunday, and realised today – most people I love, or really care about, or have a huge importance in my life, won’t be there, for various reasons;

My mother, my sisters, won’t be there.

My friends who are not Christians, won’t be there.

Ex-friends, who I still love, but had to remove from my life, won’t be there.

People I care about where I used to live, won’t be there.

My doctor and counsellor won’t be there and they have been a huge part of my life and Christian walk. I nearly asked my doctor on Monday, if she would like to be there, but felt it would be inappropriate, to. No doubt that would be crossing the counsellor/client boundaries.

My baptism, is a massive time in my life, and I can’t share it with the people I care about. Continue reading

Hyper vigilance, is different for complex trauma survivors.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

It’s very interesting reading the differences in hyper vigilance between a combat soldier and a complex trauma survivor.

A combat soldier’s hyper vigilance will be all about the environment and can affect driving – as the trauma they endured was related specifically to this.

As a complex trauma survivor having severe, multiple, interpersonal trauma/abuse, my hyper vigilance is about environment – but so much more than that.

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