Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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The more I learn, the more I am withdrawing and developing more symptoms.

I’m quite sure this is supposed to be the other way around.

My avoidance stuff continues and now added to that I am having somatic symptoms of anxiety in rash’s, on Tuesday, yesterday and today. I am increasingly having dizzy spells and functioning less and less. This has been increasing for the last few months.

I am completely overwhelmed with too much life experience of humanity, too much understanding of how manipulative, covert and increasingly evil is working within this world, I pick on traits and issues within people too well, and I know psychology aspects of all this too. And too much personal experience, of how much harm this all causes.

It has been identified that I don’t have the filter to address a balance of seeing all this bad, and I don’t see enough good in society. But, I am sick of feeling a failure about this and after all I have been through – which I do acknowledge fully now, I think I have good reason for this.

And I know I am being a really crap Christian, not focussing on the good, and the good news, but I don’t have that level of joy in this hope enough to just ignore what’s happening now. I don’t have enough confidence – or trust in Christianity, or in people. Not that I don’t have complete trust in God, I do, but most of Christianity doesn’t reflect God, in my view. Christianity fails badly. And that grieves me deeply. I have faith in God, but not in Christianity and that is clearly a big problem. Continue reading


Different, doesn’t always mean bad…but it often means lonely.

People don’t like ‘different’, people who don’t conform, who don’t go along with the unspoken rules they choose to follow.

I have had a life, that shows me not to follow what doesn’t feel right, that has made me different.

I see so much more, since becoming a Christian, I see how evil is so covertly working throughout society, and within Christianity.

I see issues like materialism, consumerism, narcissism, and many more and I won’t accept they are okay. Because they are not.

I want to support the weak and vulnerable, the hurt and needy, and that doesn’t go down well with those who choose to ignore these people, and focus on self.

I won’t conform to religion within Christianity – their denominations, rules led driven ways that I don’t see are necessary, needed or what Jesus wanted us to be.

I often think about…

“for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.” Continue reading


It’s official, I am clearly a freak….

I give up.

Unless, I conform to a world of shallow, self interested, people pleasing, society driven, Christian rules led conformism…..I will never fit in.

I’m weird, I’m different, I’m outspoken, I see society is unhealthy, I see too much about Christianity that pisses me off.

So, I give up. Continue reading


That sinking feeling and avoidance setting in.

I know and see more than I know how to deal with, so avoidance, is my coping habit.

I have PTSD, and I am aware of the symptom of avoidance.

I avoid what I can’t handle emotionally.

I feel like I see and know far too much about life, and I cannot cope with all I know, so I just want to avoid. Or run away, which is also my most used trauma reaction of flight.

I find humanity fascinating, I have been studying it all my life. I know I have insight into humanity, psychology and sadly, mostly the darker sides of it.

I feel like God has entrusted me with so much knowledge and as yet, I don’t really know how to cope with it all.

I don’t see life, or humanity, or Christianity through rose coloured glasses.

I do distract myself, I do focus on my family, I do things that bring me joy, I do focus on what my husband and children need, focus on the few people in my life that I do trust. I am trying to have a social life.

But, it isn’t enough to keep me from continually thinking about all the things I know and see. Things that don’t just affect me – but affect others – as that is always what bothers me most.

So, overwhelmed by all this, I just sink into avoidance.

Judgmental Christian attitudes – make me want to avoid Christians and Church. Obviously, I realise this is mostly due to all the abuse I endured from the former church/cult. But, I am not stupid to believe their crap, was limited to just that group of people. There are narcs, selfish people with selfish agenda’s, unhealthy people everywhere.

People revealing sides of their character, makes me have to ‘be on alert’, as red flags emerge, make me sink into a feeling of ‘here we go again’. Narc traits, controlling traits, unwise traits, judgmental traits. All, of course, making me know these people can potentially hurt me. So my defences go up.

Continue reading

I became sicker because I repressed reality, and so does society.

I became more unhealthy and sicker when I suppressed reality, and so does society……

A life lesson I learned from personally and see how it applies to the world too…

I had a horrible childhood, full of continuing severe abuse, up until the age of 20.

After that, I wanted to ignore, avoid, suppress and be in denial of what had happened, the bad stuff.

It was easier to focus on the good, to seek to have fun and to pretend life was great. I did have fun, in many wrong ways, although I always knew deep down that there was far more to life than having fun.

It felt okay to do this….but all the while the bad was not being dealt with, it was festering and worsening, so I just tried harder and harder to ignore it.

It was too hard, too scary, too confronting, too horrible to deal with. So I didn’t.

Until, I was forced to, when I had my breakdown last year.

I had no choice but to deal with it.

So, I started to, went to counselling and realised the harm that had been caused by suppressing, oppressing and repressing all the hurt and harm for so long had made things worse.

I had to find the courage and strength to deal with my past – all the good the bad and the ugly – of things done to me, and also my own wrongs I did in life too.

And now I am healing.

This is how I view society – mostly blind to the wrongs, the increasing narcissism, many so easily seduced into seeing the good only and not the bad. Of either life, or their own selves.

It is easy to suppress, avoid, deny the truth about life. Continue reading


What are Christians thinking, by allowing this?

It is very easy for me to be very disillusioned by Christianity – because I am not prepared to think it is all great and view it through rose coloured glasses.

I see the good, the bad and the ugly – and the ugly is really fucking ugly.

Just read that the so called new and improved Pope – has made it criminal, for people to leak formal information about child abuse.

Leaks are often the only way child abuse is exposed and therefore ever dealt with. Because we all know how much the Catholic Church want to cover up, suppress, deny and enable child abuse.

Makes my blood boil.

And this kind of crap, is not just within the Catholic Church – so I am not Anti-Catholic – I am anti-child abusers and anti-child abuse enablers.

In fact, what I am is anti-evil. Continue reading

Enrolling to study counselling, hopefully soon.

Two things have prompted my recent decision for this; my husband having the ability to work ‘specials’, to earn more money, and my research to find high quality course you can pay monthly.

Found one via AIPC, and it has a 24 month payment plan, which would make it possible to pay for it.

I would prefer to study psychology, but the cost and not being able to enrol into full time campus based study, prevents that.

But, I’m aware a counselling course provides the basics to being able to work within the field of counselling people who need it and I see it is a field much required and in demand and will continue to increase in demand.

I know I can specialise and do added study for trauma and abuse, which is my field of interest and where I already have so much experience, knowledge and insight into. Continue reading


Disillusioned with Christianity. And their black and white issues.

I have been told that being disillusioned with Christianity, is part of spiritual progression, mine being past the ‘serving God’ level that most remain at.

I have a capacity to see the wider picture and I grieve this fallen world. Still.

I don’t fit into the 3 usual groups within Christianity I have seen so far;

(i) Pew warmers.

(ii) Self righteous, religious, right wing, better than everyone, condemning, doctrine and rules led lot.

(iii) The passive, look at the good only, just be lovely and nice and do good and show the world love, don’t think badly of anyone, don’t get angry, be passive and….

None of these wanting to address the real issues of Christianity that the world sees; Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: Myth- A degree in Psychology means that I understand people. Fact- It means that I think too much for my own sanity’s sake…

This is something I am aware of without even having a psychology degree.
I know a fair bit about psychology – from studying it since childhood and then through education through counselling and research.

I now cannot turn that off and feel like I am constantly analysing.

I watch TV programs like The Big Bang Theory and consider all their various mental health problems and look for all their behaviours.

I think about the behaviours of others a lot, constantly seeing cognitive distortions and unhealthy thinking and various unhealthy narcissistic traits.

I’ve always thought too much – I had to – to survive and look after myself, amongst very unhealthy people and within abusive relationships.

I’ve already said in counselling – that I don’t know how to turn that constant vigilance off.

But, at least I have put it to good use – turning it from fear based vigilance/hypervigilance, to psychology and human study – with empathy added into the mix and a heart to use it to help others.

It helps me understand myself, the many people in my life who have hurt me, and society and people In general.

It is healing for me, and I want to use it wisely – but I see it can be something that once learned – is hard to not consider all the time.

A psychology nerd, I am now.

But, my entire life has been a deep level of interpreting human dysfunction.

It has and will continue to be….my life.

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There are roughly 7 billion people in the world currently, 313,914,040 of them (give or take some 2013 births and deaths) live here in the United States. That is a lot of people. People that all have different drives, separate pasts, and their own unique variety of needs, likes, and wants. Everybody has something that makes them tick. Where is comes from, how it presents, and where it leads them is all invariably different than the person standing next to them in a crowded subway.

You could have two siblings with identical past experiences that lead them to extraordinarily different outcomes. Therapists can spend years upon years evaluating a single individual and barely scratch the surface of what the driving forces are behind a single action and how the balances were tipped to get there is such an individualized response that there will never be a hard and fast way…

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I dreamt of becoming a counsellor for those with narcissistic personalities.

I dreamt of being a counsellor for people with high level unhealthy narcissism.

I have written a lot of blogs here about the abuse caused by people who I see are on the narcissism-sociopath continuum.

I know a lot of this, from personal experience – suffering their abuse, studying them as I have done throughout my life, and from psychology study, research and what I learned in counselling.

I see we all have some degree of narcissism, some is healthy, some isn’t and those with high levels of unhealthy narcissism and those with NPD, often cause harm to others – sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

I understand a lot of issues caused within childhood and unhealthy parenting – whether that be abuse, being spoiled, parents being suffocating, parents being too controlling, parents being too distant, lack of bonding, lack of affection and love shown…..the list is endless…

Is what causes unhealthy traits in a child, that if not addressed, goes on into adolescence and into adulthood.

What I also know very clearly – was that child did not ask, or deserve to have a childhood where unhealthy parenting was occurring.

Whatever the issues are – I have empathy for a childhood that was not okay – where the emotional needs of that child were not met. Continue reading