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Freestyle Friday: Myth- A degree in Psychology means that I understand people. Fact- It means that I think too much for my own sanity’s sake…

This is something I am aware of without even having a psychology degree.
I know a fair bit about psychology – from studying it since childhood and then through education through counselling and research.

I now cannot turn that off and feel like I am constantly analysing.

I watch TV programs like The Big Bang Theory and consider all their various mental health problems and look for all their behaviours.

I think about the behaviours of others a lot, constantly seeing cognitive distortions and unhealthy thinking and various unhealthy narcissistic traits.

I’ve always thought too much – I had to – to survive and look after myself, amongst very unhealthy people and within abusive relationships.

I’ve already said in counselling – that I don’t know how to turn that constant vigilance off.

But, at least I have put it to good use – turning it from fear based vigilance/hypervigilance, to psychology and human study – with empathy added into the mix and a heart to use it to help others.

It helps me understand myself, the many people in my life who have hurt me, and society and people In general.

It is healing for me, and I want to use it wisely – but I see it can be something that once learned – is hard to not consider all the time.

A psychology nerd, I am now.

But, my entire life has been a deep level of interpreting human dysfunction.

It has and will continue to be….my life.

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There are roughly 7 billion people in the world currently, 313,914,040 of them (give or take some 2013 births and deaths) live here in the United States. That is a lot of people. People that all have different drives, separate pasts, and their own unique variety of needs, likes, and wants. Everybody has something that makes them tick. Where is comes from, how it presents, and where it leads them is all invariably different than the person standing next to them in a crowded subway.

You could have two siblings with identical past experiences that lead them to extraordinarily different outcomes. Therapists can spend years upon years evaluating a single individual and barely scratch the surface of what the driving forces are behind a single action and how the balances were tipped to get there is such an individualized response that there will never be a hard and fast way…

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