Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I will be very clear – I have so little faith, or trust in Christianity in general.

I see the way certain things get handled – like child sex abuse, where only fraction of what has gone on – is being exposed. And how they only care ‘now’, because they fucking have to be seen to care, but they don’t really – it’s all fake tears and bullshit, to try and salvage some of their reputation.

I see many of the victims having tried for decades to get the ‘church’ to deal with, and they all failed – too scared of their reputation, and possible financial consequences, in compensation claims.


I been on the receiving end of abuse within Christianity, not as a child, but as an adult, and it devastated me, so I can only begin to imagine how all the child abuse victims feel. The ones that haven’t killed themselves over it. And the abuse I endured, was dealt with pathetically too and I know other abusive ministers within that denomination and area are being protected and enabled.

Christianity, is a breeding ground for abusers and narcissists.

Cheap grace, lack of humanity and weak people following like sheep, is all too prominent in Christianity.

I have very little faith.

Especially when I hear all church’s should have a policy in place for convicted sex offenders, to be able to attend church. And no doubt their ‘crimes’ will be kept confidential, so the ‘flock’ won’t find out. Continue reading


Christians, can be the most weak of all, particularly when it comes to their own abuses.

Through all the abuse that is being exposed via and ONLY because of the Royal Commission – I am seeing Christians attitudes about this, are generally quite pathetic.

There is far too much evil goes on within Christianity and quite frankly, I am ashamed of how many treat the most vulnerable and hurt people.

Disgusting, horrifying and deeply traumatic abuse – which was KNOWN ABOUT and the victims who have been fighting for this to be dealt with for decades, were ignored by those ‘up the top of the hierarchy’.

‘The Public Centre for Christianity’ have been very silent on this matter and then issue a ‘prayer’ today – that is weak, and basically puts all the onus on God.

But, I guess it makes them ‘feel better’ about it.

And lets everyone off the hook in actually ‘DOING’ something about it.

One line with the link for this prayer’ is ‘the church may not have much to say’…yeah too right they don’t – because the church is generally weak, useless and cares too much about it’s reputation.

I just nearly wrote ‘I’m sorry of this offends anyone’ – but actually, I am not sorry – because it is the truth.

I care about the VICTIMS – just like Jesus would have, if He physically here in human form. Continue reading