Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Poem, ‘Longing For The Final Peace’

She longs for solitude
To be free
Of a life
She cannot bear
Any longer

She sits alone
In her home
The fear of darkness
Keeps her confined

Deep understanding
Of evil and sin
All around her
She’s suffocating
Can’t breathe

She gets lost
In her dreaming
Of solitude
To keep her
Sane, alive, breathing

No-one can be trusted
Always the ones
She trusts the most
Who hurt her
The deepest Continue reading


A Poem For Those Abused Within Christianity. ‘Dear Victims – My Heart Is For You’

This poem is in response to the Royal Commission and all the masses of abuse – which will only be a fraction of what has actually occurred throughout Christianity.

I am deeply upset and deeply grieve the lack of compassion and lack of speaking up by Christians, who are far more intent on reputation, monetary concerns and applying ‘cheap grace’, than protecting children and women.

Dear Victims – My Heart Is For You

Grieves my deeply sad heart
Many children and women
Not protected, or guarded
By those who should

Sex offenders rights
Society’s priority
Christianity worse
Cheap grace their excuse

I fear this world
Where sin and evil
Can sink within
Even many good people

Satan sure knows how
To manipulate many
His black evilness
Seducing so easily

I hate a world
Protecting those who harm
More than knowing the need
To protect the vulnerable

I hate evil
I hate sin
I hate abuse
I hate lack of wisdom

I move further from
Organised Christianity
I trust them not
And fear them greatly Continue reading


It was hard enough to build up trust – now it’s gone. Completely.

Just had a conversation with the person who told me that ‘sex offender policies’ should be in place at Church’s, so they can attend.

Sex offenders, are not supposed to go near children, they are meant to stay away from schools, youth groups, children’s play parks etc…

Even non Christians see the need for that….

But Christians want to invite them into Church and ‘protect’ them.

Part of the ‘policy’ is meant to be they would be strictly supervised – yeah right – many ministers have a hard time managing their own behaviour, let alone the flock.

And yet, people believe the risk of that sex offender abusing a child in a church, knowing how badly Christians deal with abuse, is not important enough, and the rights of the sex offender, is more important.

I cannot trust people who think like this – who believe the rights of sex offenders and paedophiles, is more important than the safety, protection and wellbeing of children. Continue reading