Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


This last two days hasn’t sunk in yet, I can tell… My life is imploding.

I know myself well, I have deep self insight, and losing trust in my doctor, and losing church, within 2 two days, is not good, at all. It’s seriously bad.

I’ve always trusted my doctor probably more than anyone, especially about my past stuff. But, there is something so beyond difficult for me to have trust with someone who supports sex offenders and paedophiles, as much as she does.

No doubt because in my past, significant people in my life have sided with abusers instead of me. My mother, my step father, my sisters, the previous church I attended. All decided I was the one somehow in the wrong, blamed me and sided with the people who hurt me. It’s a huge form of betrayal, I can’t emotionally handle.

I didn’t realise how badly all of this, including the abuse at the previous church, causes me to have such deep need in the people I try to trust, to not side with abusers. I know she counsels sex offenders, maybe she prefers working with them now. Continue reading


So, it turns out the Church we were attending does have a sex offender inclusive/child protection policy.

So, that’s that. We no longer go to Church.

I don’t agree with an inclusive policy for them to attend Church. Very un-PC I know, but I don’t care, the safety of children should always be paramount.

I believe when it comes to sex offenders and child abusers, that they have a right to counselling, they have a right to live without harassment within their own homes, I don’t agree with vigilante groups and I do not agree with repeat offenders being let of prison.

Once a person ‘chooses’ (it is a choice) to abuse someone, particularly sexual abuse and especially a child – they should lose the right to be in places where children will be present. And that to me, should also include Church’s.

The protection of children, must always be paramount.

I protect my children from potential abuse, in many ways, including not allowing sleepovers, supervised internet use etc. I don’t home school them and I believe they need to integrate into society.

I don’t allow my children, to go places where sex offenders and child abusers, are known and welcomed to be present. I don’t allow my boys into public toilets alone, as I know how much abuse occurs in public toilets.

The Church having these sex offender inclusive policies, regardless of how ‘supervised’ they are meant to be, means there will likely be paedophiles and sex offenders present. Continue reading