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Spiritual Gift of Intercession: Burden Bearing – The Biblical Term For Being An Empath


Knowing what I know now, I also know being an empath is a gift from God. I have always known my gifts are from God.

Doing research on where this empath fits into God’s plan and where it is within the Bible, I have already read about Ezekiel’s empathy – his empath gifting, his burden bearing.

Interestingly, I have being referred to as being like Ezekiel’s role, by both of my counsellors, due to having a Watchman role, but it would seem I have more in common with him, and his gifting, although no where near on the same scale.

God will be equipping people, with this gifting – it is not ‘just a story from the Bible’.

This was from a Christian website, dedicated to Christian Burden Bearing and is exactly the same as what I have read about being an Empath, only from a Biblical and God given gift aspect.

below is from http://christianempaths.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/spiritual-gift-of-intercession-burden_11.html

Chapter Two – Are you a Burden Bearer? Here is a list of questions to help to see if you think you have the gift of burden bearing?

Have you ever thought that you were broken?
Do you feel emotions intensely and do not know why you are feeling that way?
Do you feel like a Chameleon around different groups, always changing?
Do you wonder who you are?
Do you ever feel you are accursed of God, but you know He loves you?
Do you hate going into public places?
Can you tell who is suffering when you walk into a room?
Can you tell what they are going through?
Do you get sick and go to the doctor and nothing is wrong with you?
Do you see pain in the world and cry out to God with weeping and sorrow for them?
Do you feel rejected by people?
Do you like to isolate from people when it gets too bad?
Can you see the sorrow in a child’s eyes from across the way and know they are hurting?
Do you shut down emotionally for no reason?
Do you emotionally detach?
Do you run from pain?
Are you an escapist?
Can you read people, and know who to stay away from?
Do you at times, answer people before they finish their sentences, or even before they ask the question?
Are you a softy for a lost cat or dog?
Do you or have you cried yourself to sleep many many nights and you don’t know why?
Have you been like this from childhood, from as far back as you can remember?
Have you gone to many counselors and they have told you all kinds of different things about you, and each one labels you a different way?
Are you fine one moment and an emotional wreck twenty minutes later after leaving a gathering? Is it hard to attend church at times?
Do you feel everything from everybody around you?
Can you tell when your spouse is down the street on their way home, and you know they are in a bad or funky mood, even before they get home?
Do you wish and pray it would all go away?
Do you only have a few close friends?
Do you not go into great depths about your emotional life, and try to hide it from everyone?

These are just a few question to see if you are a burden bearer. If you answered yes to 90 percent or more, yes to 26 or more out of these 30 questions, you are most likely a burden bearer. If you answer yes to 70 to 90 percent, 21 to 26 of these question you want to continue and look for similarities.

Most people, who have this gift, are not happy that they have it; they think it more of a curse, until they get trained by the Lord in it.

So, if you are happy that you might have this gifting, and you haven’t had the gift redeemed by the Lord, you probably do not have it. This gift tends to work involuntary at times from the will, until it is redeemed.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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Author: Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. I am using my journey to recovery and healing, to help others, to help survivors feel less alone, validated, encouraged and to enable others to understand themselves more. Complex trauma, particularly from severe, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life changing. Complex trauma produces complex adults. The journey to recovery is a painful, often lonely, emotional daily challenge and it is my aim to encourage others in their daily battle. ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

32 thoughts on “Spiritual Gift of Intercession: Burden Bearing – The Biblical Term For Being An Empath

  1. Not confused anymore knowing what I was blessed with, I accept and receive in Jesus name. All glory the almighty powerful God!

  2. I have known that I have some sort of a “gift” since I was a very small child. I can mimic people perfectly, I pick up languages almost instantly. I have felt labour pains from the other side of the world. I can interpret dreams and I even saw my father’s death whilst in prayer a couple of weeks before it happened. I hate people touching me for any reason and I keep more and more to myself as time passes. I can’t watch horror films. i was banned from doing dissections at school because I would vomit.
    So, I’ve known that God has made me different for a long time. I am just scared of even talking about it to anyone. I don’t want to be labelled “unchristian”. I adore Christ and it’s the core of who I am. He has made me an instrument with a purpose but I feel a mixture of fear and rejection when I even bring the subject up with spiritual leaders. I am not as arrogant as to think that I somehow have “power”, rather I fully understand that i’m literally an instrument and a servant. I just can’t see any practical christian use for the ability that he has given me. I don’t want to be a “witch” a “pagan” or “new age”. Please help me to be a “good and faithful servant” by not burying the gift entrusted to me in the ground……

  3. only recently came across the word,I had no idea it even existed. I almost cried in relief to read the traits that I so recognise,all along I have believed I have some sort of mental or emotional inbalance. I even went to the prayer corodinator at church to ask for prayer because I thought I have inherited some psychic spirits from somewhere in my bloodline,she prayed with me and told me about how God gives good gifts-not harmful ones,and if this gift is from God it will be controlled by Him. Now atleast I know what to call it,can do more research on it and stop feeling like a crazy person. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Right after I was baptized in 93 the lord referred me to Ezekiel 3. Where he tells Ezekiel that he has made him a watchman over the house of isreal.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said what someone was thinking. Or watching a program and say the words before the actors do. This would irritate my husband. He thought of it as a trick. Let me ask you do you happen to have an uncanny knowledge when it comes to song lyrics? That’s another thing my husband would ask. How do you know all the words? I have always felt more deeply. I thought it was almost to extreme and didn’t know why. I seem to have a way with babies and the elderly. Maybe because they’re most closest to god. One coming in. One going out. I feel like a profiler at times as I tend to read people. Body language and facial gestures. You have brought to my attention something I couldn’t put a name on before. And yes it does feel like a curse. But we know gods anointing is on us. Where much is given much is required. I’ve been trying to squirm out from underneath the responsibility god has placed in my life instead of embracing it. I’m so glad you are sharing. We have alot in common

  5. Thank you all for all these wonderful posts and insights!! I too am on my own journey and have been all my life. I always felt as if I just didn’t quite belong or “fit in” in my christian family. I was raised a Christian by my dad’s side of the family and accepted Jesus when I was 4 years old and even spoke in tongues with my family at that time. Although I know Jesus is my Savior and I fully love and accepted him I have battled with my own spirituality from early on because one of my first experiences was seeing a small child in the woods and I revealed this to my very religious grandmother ( that I love dearly and was more of a mother figure, and I have long since forgiven) and was told the devil was playing tricks on my mind, so completely mortified and feeling as if I must be a “bad girl” if satan had that much power over me already, I tried to shut my gift down. Throughout my life there was always lots of turmoil and emotional abuse especially from my mother and her side of the family (long standing line of narcissists) but I know God has always been with me, ( although I questioned him and his presence in my life many times) otherwise I literally wouldn’t be here today.
    I have gone to great lengths to try to figure myself out and where I fit in this world and in the Christian role. Most of my adult life was spent recovering and healing from all the abuse I endured at the hands of people that claimed to “love” me. I spent lots of years in therapy which led me to one of my greatest friends and teachers that also grew up in a baptist family and was never allowed to speak of gifts she had from the age of 2. I have always known God has a greater plan and purpose for me as he does everyone of his children. I just never could understand or relate to others in my family on judging others or criticizing or putting limits on what God could do in this world with and through his children. I feel like so many religious people unknowingly give satan far too much credit and not enough to God. I know now my purpose and have tried every alternative to avoid going to church and being in a judgmental setting because I never could relate or fit in that scenario before.
    I am in the health care setting and take care of the sick daily and God uses me to plant seeds of hope in the sick and dying. He allows me to reach out to them in their time of need to let them know he is an all loving all forgiving God and its only our flesh that gets in our way of finding him and feeling his greatness and unconditional love! I truly understand my entire life from a spiritual aspect because I have lived in hell most of it and I finally truly accepted him completely and he has set me free from my own prison. Something years of counseling and medications and finding the love of my life couldn’t help me do! I am free to be who God created me to be and I accept my gifts and hope and pray I can help others find their way back to him. I understand now if this gift came from the “devil” I wouldn’t be trying so hard to do good and help others find Christ and accept him in their own life. Matthew 11 :33-35 This is why God led me to the friend I mentioned above she helped me reconnect with God without the Christian support from my family or a church.
    I have always considered myself a spiritual person but not a religious one because I know how bad it feels to be rejected by people that you love and are leading a religious life. I am not judging anyone because that is not what I am here to do only live my life the way God intended me too. I accept the gift of empathy and spiritual insight wherever that may take me as long as God is in control I know I am safe and no longer fear it or his greatness and love. I love and accept myself and will forever be grateful to him and I just want to live to help others through him no matter where that takes me! God bless you all!!

  6. I just discovered today that there is a name for the differences I have known I had since I was a small child. I found this website on a Google search and thrilled to know there is christian term for it. I am a strong christian and have always been very spiritually sensitive. I used to dabble in the occult when I was younger because the supernatural came so easily for me. I understand now that God made me this way for his plans and purposes. The Lord has used me to tell people things that I couldn’t have known, I know who is hurting or has a mental illness or an addiction by just looking at them because of what I sense around them. I cry and call out to God for people who are hurting, some that I have never even met or seen their faces. He has used me in the deliverance ministry because of my sensitivity to other spirits, good or bad, which some days is completely overwhelming. I have learned to hear his voice above the others and don’t ever want to live a life without Him again. Somedays just being around a group of people makes me feel frustrated and emotionally drained and I never understood why. Having daily solitude, even if only for a few minutes is a must. I desperately want to see people healed and set free from their chains, whether they are emotional, physical, spiritual or chemical. I don’t tell many people about my gifts because they might think I’m mentally ill. I’m so glad I found a group that I can identify with since I am not at all into the new age teachings on “Empaths” and chakras or whatever. Those guys and physics give me the heebie jeebies since I can see the invisible entourage they carry with them. I pray God will open their eyes at least just for a moment so they can see what they are really dealing with. God bless you all!!

  7. I’m glad to come across a christian meaning for this gift.. (which yes, feels like s curse too often).. I’m excited to study it through the bible, and am grateful there are things that are said about it there, versus the new age thing. I don’t want to be a part of the new age thing. I have always known I had a different way in feeling emotions than others can… It feels overwhelming in public to have all sorts of emotions surrounding you… It also gets hard at home if there are any negative emotions in the air. I used to accept that there was something different about me… But rarely mentioned it. The few times I did the reaction was not good… And i was always told.. “Everybody can feel empathy and compassion.” This is of course true… But it’s a whole different thing to feel others as if it’s your own. To have somebody understand that seems almost half impossible… My questions to anybody out there that might have some further insight than I do are these… For me, if I soak in too much negative I end up in huge amounts of pain mostly in the form of migraines… I’ve spent countless, and I mean countless days throwing up from the pain of the migraines… (and I don’t think it’s always my own pain)… Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody know how to deal with something like this? (i’ve been to countless doctors for years.. And there is nothing physically wrong).. I also go into extreme panic attacks for no apparent reason of my own sometimes. Just from being around too many people shooting out whirlwinds of emotions. Or even one person feeling too strongly in a bad way… Does this happen to anyone else?… I want to learn soooo badly at how this can be a gift. I used to feel it was… I wasn’t sure what kind, or what to do with it… But right now, and for a while now, I feel burried underneath what I’ve picked up on. Are there christian ways to releasing the buildup of any negative emotions?… I lost control of being able to separate my own emotions from others.. I feel taken over in a way that’s very difficult to explain… Please if you read this or have any insight please reply.. Thanks!

    • Hello Tamara, I can really relate to what you are saying. Especially about it being difficult around people and those you are close to. I am highly empathic and I pick up on moods, emotions and spirits as I have the gift of discernment. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy with it all! I was also interested to read that you suffer with migraines as I have one right now and I suffer with them quite frequently. I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well. I recommend that you read Carol Brown’s Books; The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and The Highly Sensitive. These are both helpful books written from the Christian Perspective. I hope this helps you and I pray that God will send people who really understand this gift. April Brewin

    • do you still get the migraines?

  8. I just read up on it and I believe God lead me to read upon on it yesterday, our family is going through a crisis and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed because I feel like I am the mediator or I am always trying to make peace and I was also told by mom that my grandmother had the gift and that I do to. I am very sensitive, I cry when people cry, I can feel when there is death approaching, like I get very agitated before it happens but not knowing at the time it is either tragedy or death. I have discernment so strong I can tell when there are things that are not right or its weird, when I see people I know that they are going thru and I know what the issue is. I was told that burden bearer is really not a gift for us that Jesus was the only burden bearer, but my question is if that it is so true why am I going thru from what I have read, it seems as if I have to go all those things like, I do not have many friends, feeling rejected by friends in which 95% of all that on the list is what I am experiencing. My question is that am I able to have productive and happy life. I cried when I was directed to look up what burden bearer is, I felt overwhelmed.

    • Methinks that if “not a gift for us that Jesus was the only burden bearer” Paul would have been amiss when he wrote “Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.”
      It’s critical that you release the burdens you feel to our Intercessor. Not doing that and carrying loads that you’re meant to offer up to Him will only become too heavy.
      I’ve just come through a season of intense anxiety and critical stress (medication, the whole thing) because I didn’t ‘get’ the releasing it to Jesus. Once I learned that, I am far more effective in listening, praying and staying in the Peace He’s given me.

  9. As much as this is distressing news, it is very relieving as well. I thought I was autistic or something. I always find myself feeling emotions for no reason, and not knowing how to calm myself down. Now, at least, I know what this is. I can pray that God will give me revelation on how to use this “gift”.

    • Im in the same boat. I feel ither peoples emotions and this is hard for me. I dont know if its a gift or a curse. I have sat next to strangers at church and wondered why i had an overwhelming sense to cry and look over my shoulder and see people crying. I wish i knew how to use this in some useful way.

  10. This article brought me to tears with how much of it I have felt for as long as I can remember. I am a strong Christian and love that I have found a biblical reason for what I have been feeling for years.

  11. I asked my husband awhile back, because he is sooooo smart about everything and anything, why , if he could guess, I seem to feel others sufferring as my own. Right away he said “I think you might be an empath”. I never heard the word before, so I just thought to myself that I need to google it when I had a chance. Last night, 3 months later, the word “empath” would not leave my head. I wasn’t even sure if it was a real word…so I googled it. What I read left me in shock. I knew right then and there that my husband knew something that I had no clue about. That I was an empath. EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW. I was allowed to see the other side “DARK SIDE” and I feel REAL pain in my dreams and interpret there meaning easily. Now I know why. This is my Gift and I will let it go where God wants it to go. I hold on to Mary….so I know it will be of GOOD use. Thank you for your blog and God Bless your sweet little soul. 🙂 Amen ♥

  12. I have been aware of this gift since I was small. I was always labeled nosey because I always knew things before they happened. But was told I overheard a conversation. I have always been told when someone I love is going to die. I have been told it is not of God all my life or that God doesn’t work like that. He does and the gifts only get stronger as you draw close to him. Instead of knowing the sin of the person, you will start seeing what caused the wound that exhibits that sin. There is a reason for our giftings. Watch Richard Henderson on YouTube. Navigating the courts of heaven. Watch Ian Clayton and Dr. O., we were given this gift for such a time as this. Read your word and step through the veil. God is waiting on the other side. God has so much more for us than our minds can imagine.

  13. Thank you, so much for giving it a name!!! Yes!!! Fits me to a T… ❤

  14. This post is meaningful. Thank you.

  15. Does anybody here suffer from adhd? I identify with nearly all the description points of being a watchman/empath, and have adhd. I also can flow in the prophetic naturally, i don’t like to talk much about these things, but feel a bit better in this instance as most I seem to be able to identify with most of you. Does anybody else have similar issues, or consider themselves prophetic as well?

    • Hello,

      Yes I have ADHD its gotten even more intense these days. Can’t focus at work lately at all. Im a Christian and empath and just here living and coping not sure how to use my gift yet.

  16. I hope one day I can please the lord with my gift. Though i do mot know if it is one because all i feel are spirits mostly evil and i see evil but not often. I can even hear then now sometimes when they are mad at me because I am looking for help. I sadly have been attacked by demons ever since I was five maybe even before. I do nor know what my gift is or what I can do I just know it’s nothing special because I am nothing special. I am not gifted or connected to art, music, animals or nature. I love all those things so deeply though and it makes ne sad I am not connected to any. It makes me sad I can’t do beautiful things or happy things as other spiritually gifted people can. All i know is I will help someone in my path because I adore helping and pleasing people. I truly pray I learn who or what I am one day maybe.

  17. I know I’m late to the party here but, I recently learned there is a name for my specific gifts and that there are others like me. I love reading and connecting with other Christian Empaths because there is so much ‘new age’ knowledge on this subject and so little from the Christian view. I also have a blog on being a Christian Empath! God bless you for sharing this information with the world!

  18. I feel that I have this gift but don’t know what to do with it

  19. My score was 100%. I’m still trying to figure out my purpose in life. Only my belief in God has kept me sane. No religion seems right. I find them either sexist or downright ignorant of the true words of God, so I study alone. Counsellors/therapists want to give me all kinds of labels but none really fit.

  20. It’s a very real thing, and there’s an even greater scope encompassed.
    It’s not merely local occurrences that can be discerned, but global turmoil (or regional).
    As things heat up on planet earth (socially) the hate, envy, greed, lust, and pain do accumulate energetically (spiritually if science will never explain such things). I’m not trying to solicit any unusual doctrines but INIQUITY is abounding, and Jesus did comprehend karma (spiritual energy).

    “Many will be offended (injured, grieved, angry, etc.)… and because wickedness will be escalating, the love of many will grow cold (affection and empathy diminished)… but he/she who endures to the end, the same shall be saved.”

    You know how to know if you are an empath (and have known the Holy Spirit)? You people here, have you ever pondered curiously as every other Christian claims to be filled with the Holy Ghost simply due to the premise of having professed Jesus, but you are innately and mysteriously aware that those people have no idea what the Holy Spirit is even like?

    You probably know the Holy Spirit as occasional or frequent bouts of intense grace that dissolves magically every pain and inner darkness you’ve been carrying as you cry in helpless compassion for every person in the world unconditionally.

    I bet most of you here can relate to that. It’s the best feeling in the world. But at times the acquired strife is disconcerting; I always worry that GRACE has abandoned me. Then out of nowhere after a certain interval of time it just ignites and flows.

    Yeah, it’s not easy being a minority lol. And yes, the author of this site definitely saves people from fear of insanity and such. Doubly refreshing is that you’re not babbling about increased psychic energy and the joy of the new world order. Haha.

    Thank you and God bless all.

  21. I’m so glad it has a connection to god!!! Thank you for this answer!!! 🙂

  22. I just learned over the last few months who I am. As relieved as I was to know what I am; I am sad because I know it will never end. It hurts so much. My heart is even pained writing this message. I know it’s a gift from our mighty God and he never gives us more than we can handle. Apart of me wishes he would have given this gift to someone else.

  23. Thank you so much for writing this! My 12 year old daughter told me that she thinks she is an empath. She researched it on the internet and Christians posted that it was bad & against God & that upset her. I told her that I thought it was a gift from God because she is not inflicting pain or sadness on others. She is taking it for them as well. I told her that I am not a biblical scholar but I will google & it and search for an answer. I came across your site and we read it together. My God given instinct was correct, as usual! You made her very happy. I told her that all good things are Godly and bad things are from the devil. I’d like to thank you again. God gave us instincts and gifts.

  24. Through much confusion of the strange things that comes with being a empathist I have learned that only empathist can communicate to spirits and the information received are meant for the spirits not for the person. The person is not equipped to understand it but try to and that is why we feel pain. We making the problems ours and were only the messengers. Let go of trying to understand and make sense of it and the pain will go away.

  25. Thanks to reconnecting with a friend I hadn’t talked to for about 2 years, I finally realized what was going on with me and that I wasn’t broken. She actually picked up on my energy (I think thats the term she used) and knew for a little while before she actually talked to me about it.

    Its nice to finally have an answer to all the things I’ve been experiencing as far back as I can remember

  26. I have been a Christian since very young. I didn’t know if my ability to sense exactly who a person is and always be right was from God or because I was abused as a child and abused children tend to pick up on things easily. I always know when someone is sick or hurting and especially know why, but I thought also that was maybe from my own past. When I pray for people though, I actually feel / take on their feelings all the way and I thought was from God for sure. Maybe someone can help me decider this from a Christian point of view. Alternatively, I also get very strong intuition or feelings that are correct, even about things like what roads to take when driving or whether I should or shouldn’t run some errand I wanted to run on a certain day, and since lately it’s always correct, ( like if i wanted to of to the bank, yet wake up feeling like I should not go, the bank turns out to have computer problems and be non functioning) I don’t know if that’s God or just a really strong intuition.

  27. I am so glad I found this sight. I read that such a gift is not of God, yet I have it and have loved God since I was very little. I answered yes to closer to 95% to 98%. I have hated being this way. I have been this way as far back as I can remember. I have cried out, “God, who am I, and why can’t I just be normal, why can’t I be a normal Christian?” Yes, I have cried myself to sleep for years. I am 63 and just getting a clue. What do I do with all that?