Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Jesus often wept the sins & consequences of sin & there are no recordable instances of Him laughing.

People think I am irrational, when I say the world is dangerous and abusive and this is increasing. They believe I am scarred by my own abuse experiences and this is ‘all’ due to my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Child abuse stats are so high, they are a worldwide epidemic. Violence to woman stats are so high, they are a worldwide epidemic.

And abuse and danger, occurs within Christianity, as much as outside of it. And this is because people are deeply sinful and all very capable of causing much harm, and mostly choose to justify it, because of their lack of honesty, lack of capacity to admit wrongs and many more human sinful behaviours.

And this is being increasingly condoned, ignored and normalised. The child abuse stats are so high. it’s becoming ‘a normal life experience’ to be abused as a child and people are accepting of this, as though nothing can change. Lack of empathy is great in this world. Continue reading

Cardinal George Pell Admits Abuse Cover-Up To Protect Australian Catholic Church

If Pell is admitting to the abuse cover up – why is also campaigning for victims to not seek compensation – when the victims need counselling – that is not free in Australia.

The victims deserve at the very least, to receive the adequate counselling needed, and as child abuse can affect you for life, if that counselling needs to be twice a week, for life, or time within a mental health hospital for intensive therapy etc, then the Catholic Church, should pay for it.

They can afford it. It’s not enough to just admit their disgusting covers ups, enabling abuse, and harbouring abusers – they need to do all they can to put it right.

After all, isn’t that part of repentance – to do all necessary to put it right?

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Child abuse & domestic violence is increasing continually…society is failing to address this.


This is not okay and the general public, must know this is not to be ignored, or considered ‘normal’ in society.

Apathy and not caring about this, normalises this abuse, and further victims continue to rise in numbers.

Please care about this and speak up about it.

Child abuse casts a shadow as long as a lifetime.

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HE LIFTS US UP: Song for Abuse Victims


Diana Rasmussen: Walking Wounded

The word for today on WordPress is PERFORMANCE. Well, I want to share the song that God gave me one day about abuse victims. I have felt that He has a special love for all victims of abuse. He gave me the lyrics then brought another “overcomer” of abuse to write the music. I pray that God will bring this song to a famous singer one day who will stand with Diana and I to raise money to help victims of abuse and provide safe houses around the world for all victims to have their lives transformed by the Love of God…

Walking Wounded, the Song by Secret Angel and Diana Rasmussen



Psalm 147:3-7

“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.
 He counts the number of the stars;
He calls them all by name.
 Great is our Lord, and mighty in power;
His understanding

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From a great fear of being confined….to then confining myself.


It’s weird how things can travel, when trying to heal from complex trauma. How you can go from a deep fear of a prison made by others to harm me, to a prison of my own.

Having been in captivity as an adolescent, suffering severe abuse daily…my freedom became something I understood the value of, deeply.

Having been confined for 4 years, to a small flat, not being allowed contact with other people, through most of it, and basically being a sadistic psychopath’s sex toy to terrorise, the captivity of those walls, used to make me feel intensely trapped and I had a fear of small spaces and feeling trapped, in many ways.

As a child, around 8 or 9 yrs od, I was also abused by a paedophile, within the small, dark room the abuse occurred. Often the only light, was small cracks in the curtains, or the light from the TV with the porn videos playing that he made me watch. This went on for several years too, and ended when I was about 12.

When feeling highly emotional. triggered, fear, I can still feel the walls closing in on me and the intense need to run and get out.

After the adolescent captivity ended, and for most of my life following all that, I hated being stuck within the confines of anywhere. I was never a homebody, always wanted to be out. I liked having a job that meant I wasn’t confined to an office. Continue reading

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Child Prostitution

Captivating For Captives

child prostitution

There are few things in life so monstrous as child prostitution, something that many find hard to even think about. But when we choose not to think about it, we fail to do anything about it. And through our inaction, we abandon the innocent children who are caught up in the reality of those terrible circumstances. If you can’t bear to even think about it, how much worse is it for the children who are actually living it?

About half of sex trafficking victims are children. The average age is approximately 13, many are older, some are as young as 5 or 6. Outrageously, some are even younger.

Children get caught up in the web of child prostitution in various ways:
In the developed world:

  • Children who have run away from home due to abuse, neglect, inadequate foster care etc and are coerced into it by pimps who ‘befriend’ them and…

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Child Abuse Cas…

no longer silenced movement

Child Abuse Casts a shadow that lasts a lifetime.

-Herbert Ward

Traumatic experiences can often lead to negative outcomes, and when emotional pain is unbearable, it’s difficult to not give up on yourself and the beautiful life you deserve. There’s a way to come out positive, to remember what you deserve, and to prove everyone wrong that ever put you down. Disadvantaged youth from child abuse is called resilient. Resilience is said to be caused from intelligence, positive influences, a big sense of humor, and the capability to be independent. Never let the odds being against you make you give up, prove yourself and the World wrong and there’s no measure in what a disadvantaged youth can become. It’s incredible to survive a life with so much struggle, and flourish in the difficulty.

***Research from childwelfare.gov

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Society judges ‘normal’ by normal/average life circumstances & experiences.


Society, talks about ‘normal’ only in terms of what is acceptable by the standards, life experiences and circumstances, of the average person, within that society.

When you fall outside of average life experiences, and have different strengths and different weaknesses, you are deemed to not be ‘normal’. Continue reading


Society isn’t willing to hear you say ‘this all normalises bad behaviour’.

It is a fact, that humans, greatly resist hearing – you are wrong, you need to change, you can be mean, your actions are hurtful, your behaviour and views are unhealthy. And that is all about ego, and insecurity and lack of self insight and insight into humanity.

When you have suffered greatly in life, for prolonged periods of time, had the first 20 years of life having no-one protecting you and loving you, you do develop a deep capacity for honesty, self insight and awareness.

I had to, to survive. Suffering, brings out in some, a capacity for integrity and honesty, that is deeper than if there is little or no suffering. Suffering develops greater depth, to some parts of a person’s capabilities, and insight.

I am deeply honest in myself, about myself, and in what I see and know. I have been challenged deeply in life to survive, for decades. I fended for myself. I provided for myself from age 20, and considering everything, I did this well. I didn’t need to rely on parents, or men for money, and when I was in a domestic violence marriage, I got myself out and did not remain in it. I was able to look after myself.

In the game of survival, I am very gifted and experienced. I have needed to be. This created this depth of honesty and integrity to what is needed and what is right. It doesn’t make me better than anyone, just different.

I’ve always been up front about who I am. When I was a party girl, I didn’t hide it, or pretend I was anything else. I’ve always been who I am – no masks, no pretending, just very real, very upfront, very honest and very raw, with it.

Now, with all I have learned in the last 2 years as well, I see things very deeply about society, humanity and a lot of it isn’t pretty, or good, at all. And, I am not going pretend it is, to make my life easy, like most of society does.

Having been a highly observant, constantly vigilant, constantly assessing person, I see a lot that others miss, or choose to ignore. And I don’t see the impact just for myself – I see the deeper impact for society as a whole, the impact of increasing abuse, the impact of increasing suffering. Continue reading