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Hierarchy of needs……yeah I am screwed.

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In the Maslow based hierarchy of needs, the main ones at the bottom, are the most essential. They are the base upon which a person’s whole life is built upon. They are the basic foundations, every person needs, to lead a secure, happy, joyful life.

When I look at this, I just feel such lack of hope, because my basic needs are not fulfilled. Yes, I have most of the first layer, food, air, water, but even that includes sleep and sleep and I have never been friends.

The next three layers, make me want to cry. I desperately lack these in my life, always have and I know I always will.

Hopelessness, is a truly terrible place to be at.

Author: Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. I am using my journey to recovery and healing, to help others, to help survivors feel less alone, validated, encouraged and to enable others to understand themselves more. Complex trauma, particularly from severe, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life changing. Complex trauma produces complex adults. The journey to recovery is a painful, often lonely, emotional daily challenge and it is my aim to encourage others in their daily battle. ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

One thought on “Hierarchy of needs……yeah I am screwed.

  1. After doing some research on the suffering occurring in Nepal, I am feeling really quite pathetic for writing this post.

    There are millions in this world, who don’t have any of the first layer of the most basic human needs; food, shelter, love, kindness, health services, medication etc and they live in poverty and suffering and fear daily, that no person, especially children, should ever have to live in, in 2014.