Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Can you have “church PTSD”?

Absolutely yes, this is possible.
Some church’s are not of God, and are abusive and condone it all.
I believe the trauma caused by abusive church’s could cause PTSD.

Musings of a Christian Psychologist

A friend of mine has written about her experience as a pastor’s wife and youth worker. Having gone through several painful experiences–“normal” church drama and then way beyond normal–at the hands of other church leaders, she details her current “church PTSD” that kicks in now when considering going to church

What if I WANT the community and the bumping up against different people with different opinions, but I CAN’T, I mean physically CAN’T go?  I have usually discovered in life that if I have a feeling, I’m not the only one.  So it makes me think there must be others out there like me.

What do I mean by “physically unable”?  I shake, I cry uncontrollably, my skin crawls, I am unable to speak.  It’s pretty difficult to be a part of a community, broken or not, with all of that going on.

Honestly, I have something akin to…

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‘Cashing it big on children’ in orphanages in Nepal.

I’m a someone who researches all the time. Anything that is important to me is researched.

It’s important to me to be well informed, and have different perspectives, and different views, to understand what I am researching more.

I have read that some Nepalese orphanages were being run as money making schemes and for corrupt adoptions of children, who do have parents.

The adoption system has been changed to help reduce this, but the corrupt orphanages are still being run, where abuse is common and no education is provided, as was promised to the parents when the children were taken from their homes.

Many of the children though I many orphanages, are genuinely orphans or children abandoned by their parents, or severely abused by parents. Continue reading

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My comments on Facebook community pages, are always very well received.

I have recently re-activated my own personal Facebook page, just so I can see if people I care about, are okay.

I follow several community pages, about empathy, abuse, humanity.

I have noticed, that whenever I write a comment on these pages, or respond to someone else’s comment, my comments are always very well received and often attract the most likes.

I don’t consider this to make me ‘better’ than anyone, but, it does continually show and validate to me, that my own ability to express my understanding and knowledge of particular topics, as I did yesterday (such as about empathy, narcissists and abuse) – how and what I write, shows a level of insight and personal understanding, that is not common, and many identify with what I write. As always happened, on my own healing page, which is currently de-activated for a while.

It also reminds me in my more ‘I am going crazy’ moments, that I am in fact very insightful into topics of which there is so little true understanding, or compassion/empathy about. And people need that, so they know and don’t get told by society they are crazy either. Continue reading

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One of life’s greatest tests…

Huge Wave

It takes a great deal of strength, courage, empathy, integrity and love for others, to be able to continually try to bless and help others, whilst going through your own deep painful journey.

I have considerable respect, for people who do this.

Real empathy. Real compassion. Tested.

Far harder, than helping others, from a place of ease and comfort.


Nepal’s laws and culture, make child abuse ‘acceptable’.


I read that in Nepal, there are no laws prohibiting underage sex with boys.

I also read that sexual abuse of all children in Nepal, is not specifically covered within any current laws, and that beating children is not unlawful. Moral crimes against children – being abused, beaten, tortured, raped etc, are rarely ever reported, because the legal system completely fails to address the issues and the society in general, is unconcerned about these matters.

I also read that more than 80% of Nepal’s street children, who are mostly boys, as young as 5yrs old engage in sexual acts with adult men, to receive money to feed themselves. And many of them have HIV.

This also makes me think about all the non-street children/boys who will be being abused – at the mercy of paedophiles, sex offenders, child rapists, within their homes, schools. Continue reading