Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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God chooses more for some in His plan, than just Church.

There is no way I have experienced the Church experiences I have, within such a short period of time, as a Christian – 5 years, for this not to be something God is trying to tell me.

Many Christians believe Church is the ‘be all and end all’ of being a good Christian. As long as you participate in some kind of ministry, look the part, do your bit, where everyone can see – you are being a good Christian. Some have good intentions in this and some don’t, which I have seen clearly.

I feel Church is needed, I also know learning theology is just as important, and also seeing beyond the ‘Church’, is equally important, for those God chooses for that.

I don’t have a need to be a preacher. I don’t have a need to minister to just those within the Church.

I have always ‘felt’ there is far more to being a Christian – for me – than the confines of a Church, or even within the local community. And now I know this for sure Continue reading

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Sunrise Orphange in Nepal – Founded By An Australian Woman.

I have great respect for women like Emma Taylor and those who work with her, providing a legitimate orphanage for children in need.





In February 2004 Emma Taylor a young Australian woman traveled to Nepal and volunteered in a local orphanage. Emma soon realized the orphanage like so many, was nothing more than a scam at the expense of the children. Emma then joined forces with volunteers Michaela Killips, Sarah Kemp and local Nepalese friends to establish a quality home for children called ‘Sunrise Orphanage’. Here the children would be provided with a safe, loving home where their interests were the number one priority.

Since 1996 over 13,000 people have been killed due the conflict in Nepal between the Communist Party Of Nepal (Maoists) and the Royal Administration. Through this conflict, the poor economy, lack of health care, welfare support, and education, many children have become innocent victims, left orphaned or abandoned, on the streets begging, sold into slave labour or prostitution. Sunrise is there to rescue and prevent the incidence of this occurring to as many children as they can.

Sunrise now cares for 77 children at Sunrise Orphanage, aged 5-18 years, supports the education of almost 100 children in one of the major slum areas, as well as a further 31 children in the local community and runs a Training and Development Centre for over 250 students.