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Empathy, is actually rare….in a society full of apathy and narcissistic traits.

Sad Girl

Empathy is rare.

Sympathy, for similar personal experiences, or what is known personally, can occur. And many confuse that with empathy, or compassion.

Compassion, is when you have empathy and you feel driven to act and do something to help. Not just voice an opinion, or stick a quote on social media, or act out of selfish, self serving needs – none of that is compassion.

Some don’t even have sympathy, which is increasing in a society full of apathy, narcissism, sociopaths, bullying, cyber bullying, hating on people, using people, spiritual abuse, feeling entitled to hurt others for a myriad of reasons, lack of charity, lack of drive to help those in need. Continue reading

Sex trafficking

Porn is ‘normalised’ as part of normal life these days.
It’s talked about in TV shows, like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Two & Half Men – all comedy TV shows, that basically ‘normalises’ bad and immoral behaviour and even worse – makes it ‘funny’ and ‘comedy’.
Normalising bad/immoral behaviour is common within society all the time, and this is increasing.
I have been watching porn, since I was 10, within child sexual abuse occurring to me. I went on within adulthood watching it, believing porn was okay – as most around me believed it was okay and part of life and you were a ‘prude’ if you didn’t ‘like’ it.
Until I knew it was very wrong.
Remember, every girl, woman in a porn movie, or on the internet, is someone’s daughter.
I wouldn’t want a daughter of mine to end up in porn.
And sex trafficking, is a massive issue worldwide, and it needs to stop.


Sex trafficking

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