Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Ministers like Mark Driscoll, need to be told, to just shut up and go find a decent Bible college.



Mark Driscoll, is the worst kind of (false) minister and definitely should not be someone to be looked up to.

He believes ‘the minister is the authority in a church and to question him, is sin’. Because ministers never get it wrong….okay.

He actively frowns on people looking at the Greek original meaning of verses and words. This to him is sin, is wrong. You just have to believe him, and never question him…okay.

He actively dissuades people from learning the Bible. Only he can interpret it, and you don’t need to study it…okay.

He insists on harsh and strict Church discipline, and requires members to sign and adhere to a strict membership covenant….gotta abide by church rules, or you will be harshly punished….okay. Continue reading

Normal, is ordinary, conformity, ease and comfort…

Normal, requires no courage, no insight, no intent to change what needs changing, no personal growth.

Why do people accept normality, conformity, easy lives, sheep like behaviour?

Nothing of value, is ever achieved in ease and comfort.

Look at the people who have changed this world for the better….people like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Elie Wiesel – none of what they did was considered ‘normal’, and required great courage, strength and need for change to improve the lives of others.

I will never be one of these great people, but I sure don’t want to be ‘normal’ either.

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In a world of masks, image & pretending….I am an honest over-sharer.


In society’s view of normality, I am an over-sharer.

Some may consider this lack of boundaries, ego, opinionated, over-sharing….and will speculate with their biased opinions, on why I do this.

Yes, I have absolutely had lack of boundary issues. I know why and I accept that.
Yes, I can be impulsive and have acted impulsively and still can, when emotional.
Yes, I am opinionated, I have a lot of life experience, to draw from and my opinions are sometimes different to others as a result.

I am also wanting to help people and have always been a caretaker and someone who knows human suffering and does not want this for anyone. I have empathy. Which is why I set up my community healing page.

I am someone who sees a lot of things about humanity, that are not okay, and are leading society in the wrong direction, that are backed up by social science – narcissism, apathy, entitlement, selfishness. All things experts agree with.

I have also been someone very honest about who I am as a person.

I don’t wear a mask. Like many. I don’t present what I want the world to see as my image. I am who I am and I don’t hide it. When I was a party girl – I didn’t hide it. When I took home a stripper – I told people. When I don’t know something I will admit it. When I have an opinion I will share it.

I will be all my character/personality – right out in the open. So sharing on Facebook and here on my blog, are nothing new to me.

Society says you shouldn’t be honest and open on social media. Only reveal the part of you that makes you look good – or hides the parts you don’t want to reveal. Continue reading

Gratitude, not entitlement, is what this society needs


Lately, I have been increasingly aware of the need for gratitude, and not entitlement, greed and complaining, about things that we are blessed with.

Like the public health system, welfare system, public education system, public/social housing etc.

Some thing I find very sad in society, which I saw a lot of in the UK, whilst working on social housing, is the amount of young women, who get pregnant and then live on benefits, and are still not thankful for what they have.

Now, I am not saying they are bad people at all, but this is very indicative of the state of our highly entitled, lack of owning responsibilities society we are becoming. Parents don’t teach their children, what they need to do in life, to look after themselves and provide for themselves. Parents all too often are teaching their children, entitlement.

A woman, who gets pregnant, at 18, never worked, not in a committed relationship, then demands public housing, welfare and complains they don’t have enough to live on. Continue reading

Be there to support the abused person


Everyone is going to hurt you….in the society I have to live in.


When you are someone, who feels emotions deeply, who is sensitive to people’s behaviours, you do get hurt, by everyone.

It is good, that I know I feel my emotions more deeply than others, that I know why, and know to just keep away from society and most people, because then I don’t get hurt so much, that my capacity to cope, becomes overwhelmed.

When you have been hurt, abused, neglected, lied to, betrayed, used, as much as someone like me….it is normal, to feel emotions deeply.

I am normal for what I have endured and I have different strengths and weaknesses, to most around me. Continue reading