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Sex offender rehabilitation programs – don’t work.


Brett Peter Cowan, attended a sex offender treatment program, after abusing 30 children, raping at last two – aged 6 & 7, leaving one for dead. He has a long history of violent sexual crimes against children (and they let him out of prison)

He agreed to attend a sex offender program.

At the program they said he ‘responded well in the program’. They knew his history.

These ‘trained/professional’ people believed Cowan responded well. They were wrong. He was manipulating them, as these psychopaths can.

He still remained a psychopathic, opportunistic, violent paedophile, who escalated into a child killer.

They cannot be rehabilitated and will manipulate any system, program and fool mental health professionals.

I hope Daniel’s death, will highlight how they cannot ‘ever’ be considered to be rehabilitated.

Predator Psychopath’s cannot be rehabilitated. Continue reading


Poem – Christianity & Child Abuse – What You Really Are

You abuse children
Physical abuse
In the name of God
You say it’s God’s will
For me to belt you
You say it is God’s will
For me to whip you
You say it is God’s will
To take a paddle to you
What you are
Is child abusers

You fail children
Child sexual abuse
From many adults
You ignore it
In the name of God
You condone it
In the name of God
You enable it
In the name of God
What you are
Is child abusers

You fail children
You don’t protect them
You abuse them
Ignore them
Traumatise them
Hurt them
Make them suffer
Keep it a secret
In the name of God
What you are
Is child abusers

You re-traumatise
These victims
With forced forgiveness
Forced compassion
For evil people
Who commit
Evil acts
That you condone
Make them question God
And often turn from God
What you are
Is abusers Continue reading


Hetty Johnston – such an inspirational woman, along with the others leading this organisation.

The more I read about Bravehearts and it’s founder, the more inspired and hopeful I am.

Praise God for these people and their willingness to advocate for children.

I don’t care that they are not a Christian organisation – after all what has Christianity done for children – sweet F.A. All Christianity has done – is protect and enable abusers and re-traumatise and hurt the victims.

The Bible speaks of protecting the weak, oppressed and poor – of which children are. They are weak, because they cannot protect themselves like an adult. They are oppressed, by sinful increasing numbers of paedophiles and sex offenders. They are oppressed – by pathetic legal systems that don’t protect them.

Bravehearts has done more for children’s rights and protection – than Christianity. The Royal Commission had to force Christianity to admit all it’s abusive and immoral ways of dealing with abuse within it’s own back yards. And yet they feel ‘entitled’ to tell non Christians what they do wrong. Hypocrites. Many of them live in denial and worship a false jesus. They continually repeat traumatise and spiritually abuse victims, by failing to support them, and are abusive to them with their cruel forcing of forgiveness, reconciliation and compassion for people who have done evil to them. A lot of Christians, are abusive people themselves – who often don’t really understand what they are doing is abuse – due to the mind control they have given in to – which is a kind of insanity – when you think you are doing nothing wrong and yet you are hurting victims and don’t care – with no remorse..

So Bravehearts is an amazing organisation, and fits my passion for advocating for Children’s Rights, and against paedophiles, wanting to toughen us legislation and sentencing laws etc.

If I am able, I would love to volunteer some time with this organisation.

Hetty Johnston

Founder and Executive Director of Bravehearts Inc.

A born lobbyist, Hetty is a woman of passion and determination who has succeeded in highlighting the issue of pedophilia within media, families, schools and the general community both nationally and internationally.

In 2005, Hetty was announced as a finalist for the 2006 Australian of the Year Awards – she is the recipient of two Australian Lawyers Alliance Civil Justice Awards (2003,2004) and was named a finalist in the 2008 Suncorp Queenslander of the Year Awards.

In early 2009, Hetty was recognised as one of approximately 70 outstanding leaders throughout the world, receiving the prestigious annual Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership award.

Since establishing Bravehearts in 1997, Hetty has: Continue reading


Next time it could be your child, raped and/or murdered.


Apathy and avoidance, or passing the responsibility to others – is NOT going to get the legislation, for tougher sentencing to be changed.


Ignore the do-gooders who talk about paedophile rehabilitation – it’s a load of crap – it doesn’t work.

Proof – Daniel Morcombe’s death. His killer had attended at least 4 of these sex offender rehab programs. He’s still a psychopathic, paedophile killer.

We need many number of people, to step up and willing to campaign for tougher sentencing, to overturn all the do-gooders and those with misplaced ‘compassion’ and those trying to keep down jail numbers due to costs and all their attempts to reduce sentences and ‘give them chance after chance after chance’.

Daniels parents no doubt – didn’t believe this could happen to their child. But it did. Continue reading


Toughening up emotionally, is what I need, and gone are my people pleasing days.

toughen up

All my life, I’ve kept my mouth shut, rarely stood up for I know is right, walked on egg shells around people, rather than risk their rejection, and been a people pleaser.

Well, after the latest round of being ignored by people when I needed help, and hearing their excuses etc, taking a really hard look at people’s priorities in life, I have realised, I am on my own, with no-one to rely on, but Jesus.

I need to toughen up emotionally, and I am. Become more resilient.

If people don’t like what I have to say, tough – because to be fair, I don’t like society’s apathy and selfishness.

And I don’t force or even expect anyone to listen, or agree with me, I know most won’t. That’s okay. Continue reading

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Bravehearts Inc, somewhere I could volunteer.

bravehearts logo

Hetty Johnson of Braveheats Inc, has publicly stated, she would like the psychopath paedophile Robert Peter Cowan, to rot in prison and never be released.

What an inspirational woman. Someone, with some sense. Glad someone else, agrees that these people should never be released.

Bravehearts Inc, also campaigns for a safe place for children to live and against paedophile rights.

And they have an office very near to where I live, and they require volunteers.

So, I will be contacting them soon, and seeing if they need any help.

I’m a great believer, in doing something about these important matters that affect the welfare of vulnerable people.

There are far too many do-gooders and unhealthy people, campaigning for paedophile rights and no-where near enough people campaigning for children’s rights – as is displayed by our current legal system. Continue reading


Sat sobbing listening to Daniel’s parents impact statements to the court.


The pain and suffering that Daniel and all Cowan’s victims have gone through is horrendous.

The pain and suffering Daniel’s parents and siblings have gone through and will continue to go through, is horrendous.

To hear Denise’s pain of wanting to die, because the pain was so great, breaks my heart.

To know what happened to Daniel, breaks my heart. Continue reading

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When will society realise – paedophiles CANNOT be rehabilitated.


The violent history of Brett Peter Cowan, has now been released, after his guilty verdict for killing Daniel Morcombe.

Cowan, had a violent long term history, that started before he was an adult.

He put one child, in intensive care due to his violent attack.

When he ‘manipulated’ the legal system, by saying/lying that he knew he had a problem and would seek help – he got a lighter sentence for his last violent attack on a child.

And our wonderful legal system, bought this manipulation and let him out of jail – to do it again. As they do, over and over.

Was Cowan rehabilitated by the rehabilitation program – NO HE WAS NOT!

And every time, they hurt another child, society has let that child down, because it could have been prevented.

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Daniel Morcombe’s Paedophile Predator Killer – Found Guilty.


Brett Peter Cowan, was a known, convicted paedophile repeat offending child rapist. Been convicted twice before, known to have violently raped children (one a 6 yr old and a 7yr old), at least 3 times previously. Last jail time, 7 years. Also he admitted, he had molested and assaulted many, many children since before he was even an adult. This continued throughout his adult life.

And they let this psychopath, out of prison, to do it again, and this time, he killed Daniel.

In what twisted, screwed up society – is this okay?

These psychopaths, need putting in jail, for the ‘REST OF THEIR LIVES’. Continue reading