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Support Groups? Maybe I will give them a try…



I’ve considered this before, but felt and was advised, I needed to get more of my counselling done first.

Now, I realise after 18 months of counselling, I have partly healed, but I still very much have PTSD and depression.

So, I am considering contacting a local support group, they are a national organisation, but have local meetings close to where I live.

I have noticed they have a 12 step program, to recovery. I hope I don’t have to say….

“Hi everyone, my name is….and I am a PTSD’aholic.”

And I definitely hope I don’t have to hold hands with people either..

Having PTSD is not an addiction, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to join a group and gain some support from people living with depression, anxiety, maybe some who have been abused and understand what it’s like to live with it, every day.

I don’t really like the whole group thing and everyone looking at me – but if I don’t like it, I don’t have to go back…

Author: Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. I am using my journey to recovery and healing, to help others, to help survivors feel less alone, validated, encouraged and to enable others to understand themselves more. Complex trauma, particularly from severe, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life changing. Complex trauma produces complex adults. The journey to recovery is a painful, often lonely, emotional daily challenge and it is my aim to encourage others in their daily battle. ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

3 thoughts on “Support Groups? Maybe I will give them a try…

  1. Support groups can be extremely powerful! It took me three time to enter my sexual assault support group but let me tell you it was worth it. It helped me feel like I was not alone on my healing journey. I hope that you find a great group that actually supports you! Also, I have complex PTSD and EMDR has been amazing part of my healing journey. I still don’t understand all the science behind why it works but it has been incredible. You may like to look into that as well, if you have not already tried it. Sending you ❤ on your healing Journey!

  2. groups can be very good as you don’t feel so alone dealing with your symptoms…I go through 4 to 5 hours of therapy per week both individual and group and they are all helpful to me…hope they can be for you too. 🙂