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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


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Society and their ‘entitlement’ to completely uneducated opinions…and resort to name calling…


It’s interesting just how many people have completed uneducated, uninformed & immature opinions on social behaviours (particularly their own) and no understanding of social sciences, personality traits, human ego, psychology, cognitive distortions, emotional intelligence etc….but feel so ‘entitled’ to have opinions anyway, and so little self insight.

It’s scary, actually. No wonder society, is so unhealthy.

You can usually spot these people, they react badly to what they don’t want to hear and reduce to name calling – which is a cognitive distortion of it’s own – labelling.

My awareness of this in society, plus my knowledge of social sciences, psychology, cognitive distortions, human ego, and having had a life where I have been studying this in depth, and now have increasing knowledge of psychology ad social sciences, mean I see all the human issues, so blatantly now.

Yes, I have strong opinions, but they are educated, researched, informed, insightful opinions. I don’t have strong opinions about things I don’t know about. But humanity and social behaviours, I do know a fair amount about.

Got called a ‘muppet’ today, by some poor guy that didn’t like my opinion of Tony Abbott having an inflated ego, and my empathy for the families of the missing plane – and how they should not release info about possible info about the planes whereabouts, because it must be terrible for the families concerned – which is my empathy for them. Continue reading


So neuroscience is proving that sex addiction, is an excuse after all.

Neuroscience fascinates me and there is a lot of work going on to explore the brain and why we behave the way we do.

I personally believe ‘sexual addiction’ is actually more about being a personality disorder, or other disorder. And that view is backed by many experts in the field of mental health.

There can be many reasons for this. I was sexually abused as a child, over-sexualized young by that, watching porn at 10 within this abuse, and sexualised by my sociopath step father, who had a circle of sex offender, sociopath/psychopath, paedophile friends, all enabled by my mother.

During my 20’s, I sought sex with many men, as a learned behaviour, a coping method, a search for validation, self harm.

I know the reasons, the psychology of why, I know it is child sex abuse related. I know it is a common reality, after ongoing child sexual abuse.

But, I was not ‘addicted’. I controlled myself and yes, I made the choices. I am not going to justify and excuse, or minimize my capacity to control what I did, despite the reasons. I own my behaviours, which takes courage and inner security and self insight and honesty.

And you know what they say – you can’t heal, what you don’t acknowledge.

Many expert psychologists, and neuroscientists are now saying ‘sex addiction’ – is an excuse. Continue reading