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A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Seven random factoids (Versatile Blogger Award)

Wow, I am humbled and honoured to have received another blog award, this time Most Versatile Blogger, and I thank Avalanche of the soul, for this honour.
This my 6th award this month, and I truly feel deeply blessed to be encouraged and acknowledged!

Avalanche of the soul

One of the best things about this wonderful Word Press community is how much encouragement we offer one another.

Versatile Blogger AwardSo, a huge thank you to the buoyant betternotbroken for adding to my motivation with her kind nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Her unique approach to blogging humour shows that laughter really can be a medicine for those of us still fighting fear after an abusive relationship. Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time – the more often, the better!

Seven random things about me:

  1. I drink a lot of coffee. And I mean, a LOT.
  2. I believe passionately that everyone’s voice should be heard – especially those that have learned to be quiet.
  3. Not everyone gets my dry sense of humour.
  4. Trust matters to me. Once broken, it’s very hard (sometimes impossible) to repair.
  5. At university, I studied Philosophy and English Literature. This means I’m qualified to…

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To fund the cost of publishing my book, I’m thinking of adding a donate button.

I don’t have the money to fund publishing my first book, but I want to get a book out there, to help more people to understand Complex Trauma and Complex PTSD – from a survivors/healing point of view.

I’ve seen donate buttons on other blogs and it can’t hurt. The donations would entirely go towards publishing my book.

I’ve been told so many times to write books and I see the appeal and why people believe that a book written by a survivor, about the real honest nitty gritty of Complex PTSD, expressed in a relatable way, would help more people.

But, it costs money – a min of $2000, and I don’t have that.

So, I am considering a donation button.

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Cardinal Pell & Tony Abbott close personal friends…..speaks volumes.


IMO – Cardinal Pell is a disgrace, and so is Tony Abbott.

Tony said of Pell said Cardinal Pell was “a fine human being and a great churchman”.

Pell has proven what kind of man he is – he had to be ‘schooled’ by a judge at the Royal Commission, about ethics, honesty, morality, and what came out of Pell’s mouth was disgusting.

Like his friend, he doesn’t know anything about morality, ethics, humanity, or compassion.

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Cardinal George Pell – Child sexual abuse victims – ‘the enemy’.


I cannot even begin to describe how angry I am at what has come out of Cardinal Pell’s mouth at the Royal Commission.

What’s worse, is the Vatican want to promote him.

His ‘apology’ is not an apology at all.

If a Cardinal needs to be schooled on moral’s, ethical issues, integrity, honesty by a judge – then he needs to be ‘sacked’.

Pell, also needs to be held legally accountable for all his failures – there should be jail time for him, for all the condoning, enabling of paedophiles.

Christianity has far too much of this – treating abuse victims as ‘the enemy’ – I know I have already experienced a little, on a lessor level, but same attitude, only within the Baptist Church.

This is evil occurring.

This is Satan.

This is human sin and humans giving into to evil.

Disgusting, I have no more words.

I cannot ignore the suffering of children.

This picture breaks my heart and makes me cry, every time I see it. Because it makes me think about how if this were my sons, I would want people to care about them.

And I have put myself in the shoes of these children, to feel some of the pain, suffering, trauma they feel and endure every day, which is empathy.

The only difference between my sons, and these boys, is where we were ‘blessed’ have been born.

But, I cannot ignore these children suffering.

We are blessed to help others, in need.


PTSD affects short term memory.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects short term memory.

I can remember so many memories I don’t want to remember. *sigh.

My brain also files away every ‘weird’, ‘potentially dangerous’, ‘off’, ‘strange’ conversation, situation etc that I have with people. They are often triggered and I am amazed at what I remember, where we were, what the person was wearing, who was around….

Yet, I frequently forget things that my PTSD brain does not consider an issue. My mobile is full of daily reminders.

The PTSD brain, is programmed to consider potential danger as the priority, because it already knows life threatening, severe trauma.

The PTSD brain also has sensitivity to processing noise, light, visual activity, smell etc and stress.

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Monthly donation, to Bravehearts. We are blessed, to bless others.

Fullscreen capture 24032014 102709 AM-001

I have set up a monthly donation, because I believe in this organisation fully.

You can donate any amount, a one off, or monthly.

If many more people donated, even just the amount of a couple of takeout coffees, they could provide even more services to abused children and help more future children not be abused.

And I feel very blessed that I am able to give to charities, that are needed.

I believe in being blessed – to bless others.