Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Narcissist ‘Christians’ breeding more the same. Dysfunction breeds dysfunction.

I know a ‘minister in training’ – doing one of those bare minimum, ‘be a minister fast track’ courses in ministry that supposedly then equates to ‘being a minister’.

Many church ministers are vastly undereducated and underqualified to be ministers/pastors, which is why so many teach so wrongly and Christianity is failing so badly, far too much.

This minister doing this ‘get to be a minister fast’ route, has a wife, who is a highly egotistical person, and a clear example of her ways was displayed recently – which other entitled types also consider appropriate.

At the school where my youngest attends, this woman decided the other day, instead of arriving early to park and pick up her 5 year old child, she would turn up at the school bell time, and pull in, right by zebra crossing, right outside the school gates, double parked, for several minutes, blocking up all the traffic.

All she needed to do, was drive further down, and park, get out and walk back up the road…..like everyone else.

But, nope, she decided to park illegally, and not give a second thought to all the traffic she was blocking, that were piled up all the way down the road.

Firstly, what a bad example to children watching this – illegally parking.

Secondly, what an entitled attitude, not remotely concerned how this was affecting others.

Thirdly, it was dangerous, because then all the banked up traffic, were having to drive onto the wrong side of the road, around the zebra crossing to get around her.

Fourthly, how bloody selfish and lazy can you be.

Fifthly, this a minister’s wife in training.

My husband, who is a cop, said she was acting like an idiot and said about her entitled attitude himself. If he had been on duty, he would have booked her. Other people were obviously annoyed too, but she had that ‘I don’t care’ attitude and look on her face. Continue reading

Jesus wasn’t an enabler, apathetic, limp ‘let’s just love everyone’. Neither am I.

Far too many Christians, choose the softly softly let’s just ‘love’ everyone, or ignore what they do that harms others, or minimize it.


Because they are scared that they are not doing their ‘oh so lovely’ Christian duty.

Is this wise – absolutely not. So it is not ‘grace’.

Is this what Jesus modelled – absolutely not.

Jesus got angry, was emotional, told others who were doing wrong if they were causing harm – told them exactly what they were. Hypocrites, the devil. ‘Get behind me Satan’.

Now, I am not suggesting everyone should do this exactly, we are not Jesus.

But, neither will I be a weak, limp, ineffective, unwise, enabling Christian either. Continue reading

The road of change and personal growth can be really fast…

An example, I was just searching through the ABC TV channel to see if there is anything worth watching over the next few days.

I used to watch anything on TV, all the shallow crap. Now there is so little I want to watch.

I don’t like soaps, reality TV, most shallow programs that are so popular, I avoid, they bore me. I used to love them all.

I watch Law & Order SVU, because I like the acting, I like Mariska Hargitay, the different mental health issues they focus on interests me, I like seeing perps get jail time they deserve, even though it is fiction. And I know why – none of my abusers received the legal or moral consequences they deserved. It’s a comfort thing, I get the psychology.

I support Mariska Hargitay on all the work she does off camera to help reduce abuse.


But, there is little else on TV that I find interesting to watch.

I see the issues associated to much of current TV and I don’t want to be involved in encourage normalising bad behaviours and making it comedy. I don’t intend to be involved in increasing bad behaviour, narcissism, egocentricity, bullying, bitching, lack of empathy, materialism, competition, greed etc.

And I see fully the harm TV causes, it’s not ‘just’ TV. It has a huge effect on society. And so many don’t see this, or don’t care. My integrity to what is right, is too deep. Plus, most TV truly bores me, that I just cannot watch it. It’s like watching children’s TV, to me now.

In fact watching society, is like watching children to me, and these are many people older than me, or those who consider themselves to be intelligent and successful people.

The woman that I was even 3 years ago…..is long gone. Continue reading