Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Nightmares are too much. My past is never my past. It is my now. My future.

Sometimes, I can’t bear thinking I may be dealing with these nightmares for the rest of my natural life. And the emotional flashbacks and the intrusive thoughts.

I hate that they are involuntary and I cannot stop them from happening.

I hate that other people go through this too. No-one deserves to go through severe abuse at all. But to then keep re-experiencing it over and over – is so cruel.

I read what other people on my community page write and the pain they feel and I desperately don’t want this for any of these survivors of abuse.

Last night my nightmare was about the child sexual abuse I endured as a child. My nightmares are normally of abuse at the hands of a sadistic psychopath. I don’t have nightmares frequently of the child sexual abuse I endured at the hands of a paedophile. Continue reading

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Will I ever be done with emotional flashbacks & grieving…


This is info that I really relate to and Pete Walker’s info – often based on John Briere’s work – always resonates with me. I think Pete walker having been a complex trauma survivor himself, shows in his expression of how painful symptoms feel.

The role of grieving in treating childhood trauma and Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Insight, as crucially important as it is, is never enough in recovery. No amount of intention or epiphany can bypass one’s need to learn to lovingly care for himself when he is suffering from the emotional flashbacks of C-PTSD.

Emotional flashbacks are regressions that take the survivor back to the excruciating states of fear, humiliation, abandonment, helplessness and hopelessness that he nearly drowned in during childhood. Grieving is an irreplaceable tool for metabolizing and resolving the overwhelming feelings that arise during emotional flashbacks.

Grieving aids the survivor immeasurably to work through the innumerable death-like experiences of being lost and trapped in emotional flashbacks. Grieving also supports recovery from the many painful, death-like losses caused by childhood traumatization. Recoverees need to grieve the death of safety and belonging in their own childhoods – the death of their early attachment needs. They need to mourn the myriad heartbreaks of their frustrated attempts to win approval and affection from their parents.

As the grieving process therapeutically evolves, survivors typically uncover a great deal of unresolved grief about the deadening absence of the nurturance they needed to develop and thrive. Children will only flourish if the following types of needs are consistently met: 1. Physical needs for affection and protection; 2. Emotional needs for caring, regard and interest; 3. Spiritual needs for recognition of their worth and basic goodness; 4. Verbal needs for welcoming inquiry, positive feedback, and multidimensional conversation.

It is difficult to become motivated to grieve losses that occurred so long ago. Many of these losses seem so nebulous that trying to embrace grieving is a bit like trying to embrace dental work. Who wants to go to the dentist? But who doesn’t go once the toothache becomes acute. Soul ache is considerably harder to assign to the losses of childhood, yet those who take the grieving journey described below come to know unquestionably that the core of their soul ache and psychological suffering is in the unworked through losses of growing up with abandoning parents. Continue reading


No counsellor…

My current counsellor cannot work, for an unknown amount of time. My doctor/counsellor, cannot provide counselling as often as I need it, she has already stated that.

That’s okay, that’s life, can’t be helped…I try to tell myself…

This creates a level of fear and anxiety, that is too much to think about, so I am doing my absolute best, to not think about it and distract myself with other things.

Having been the most suicidal I have been in over 20 years, last month, I know I am very fragile right now. So much so, that I cannot handle or even entertain the thought of starting again with another counsellor. My fragility and emotional state, cannot cope with that.

I am currently coping daily, by doing very little. My husband is currently doing everything at home, cooking, cleaning, washing, bless him, while I struggle to get in the shower every day, do the school runs, and immerse myself constantly on the internet as my escape from my current fears of having to think about myself. My trauma choice that works and I default to – freeze. Avoid, isolate, dissociate. If I distract myself with helping others, I will be okay…

How the hell did I end up here? I was doing okay wasn’t I? Obviously not. I know why. Because I have had big triggers and situations occur I can’t cope with, and everything has just gotten worse.

And now…..I have no counsellor.

Could not be worse timing. Continue reading

Rape Culture, Sexual Violence, Victim Blaming increasing why? Narcissism & Sociopaths increasing.

There are always psychological reasons for certain behaviours increasing within society.

Sexual violence, rape culture and victim blaming – are all increasing because narcissism & sociopaths are increasing.

‘Generation Me’ believes;

Anyone can do what they want

Regardless of it being right or wrong

Regardless of it hurting others

And they feel completely ‘entitled’ to do what they choose

And have no accountability for their actions.

No remorse

No empathy for their victims.

Outward blaming onto the victim e.g. she was dressed like a slut, so she was ‘asking for it’.

I have heard Christians ‘blaming’ victims, because of the way they dress and stating that a wife should not deny her husband sex.

All VERY wrong.


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Narcissists are not capable of being Christians…they masquerade as Christians.

This occurs within Christianity far more than many realise, or are willing to accept.

I agree with this quote – found https://www.facebook.com/pages/Narcissistic-Personality-Disorder-Mother/499761973369646