Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Compassion – should never outweigh wisdom.

I have compassion for people with unhealthy minds, in whatever form.

But, I am aware that compassion alone, should never outweigh doing what is right and what is wise.

For example – an opportunistic violent child sex offender psychopath, like Daniel Morcombe’s killer. I can have all the compassion in the world, for his very unhealthy mind and severe mental health issues, his capacity to have no empathy while he commits horrendous acts of suffering on children, his complete lack of remorse. I don’t want him to have that mind. For him, as well as all his victims.

But, the fact and harsh reality is, he does.

In a prior crime long before he killed Daniel Morcombe, he violently attacked a 6 year old child, and left that child so badly hurt, the child required intensive care. He got a 2 yr jail sentence for that. Which is absolutely wrong and a huge injustice and did nothing to stop him. He left that child severely hurt and that child could have died, and he did not care. Mental health professionals knew that he was likely to attack again and had already confirmed he was an opportunistic, violent, psychopath. But, let him out of prison anyway. His own psychologist, stated he was not ‘cured’ despite 4 sex offender rehab programs, as most will never be cured, the only hope is to help these psychopaths in adolescence, which makes perfect sense to me.

I believe that people who are not able, or willing to control their own actions, and can and will keep on hurting people, should not be given the freedom to do this again. Daniel’s Morcombe’s life was ended, and this could have been prevented.

I believe laws need tightening up, to ensure these horrendous crimes do not happen again. Continue reading


Helping counsellors and mental professionals, through my journey.

When I set up my Facebook community page, I never expected that mental health professionals, counsellors, would use my info and the insight I have into Complex PTSD, PTSD, complex trauma, to help educate them and for resources to use within their own work.

A counsellor has shared my PTSD and stress/explanation/diagram info, today, and I know that info had helped me, and so many others. When I had private messaging available, I had quite a few counsellors contacting me to ask me questions to help them and thank me for the info and insight I provide. And I know they share and download my info and posts.

I feel blessed to be able to do this, even though it continues to amaze me.

I am blessed with counselling myself and the ability to research and deep self insight, and am always truly thankful that anything I share, express, write, is able to help anyone. Including counsellors to be able to better help their clients to heal. It is blessing to be able to help educate and empower people in their healing and validate people who feel so alone in this journey.

I have so much more to learn and I know I will keep learning – and will continue to keep sharing, in the hope, that in some way, it helps someone else in a positive way. And I know, that it does.

I get that I am able to process deeply, and I truly believe this is a blessing.

And I am a firm believer, we are blessed, to bless others, it is not just for ourselves.


Robert Hughes a ‘broken man’, still claiming his innocence. Total lack of remorse, responsibilty.

Robert Hughes, has been found guilty of 10 crimes of sex offences against children, including rape.

Throughout his court case, he has remained mostly calm, emotionless – as these psychopathic types can. That capacity to remain calm, and have no emotions, no empathy and have that detached way, that is quite chilling. Occasionally he became angry. Anger, for himself, the only emotion.

Then, when he is found guilty – he shows emotions, shouts ‘I’m innocent’ and had distressed emotions for himself. He attended court again the next day and gets guilty of a 10th crime, and yet he is still pleading he is innocent.

He had no remorse, has taken no responsibility for any of his actions. His only thoughts are for himself, and how terrible he feels it is, that he would be caught and dealt with appropriately.

He still claims to be innocent. In his head, he thinks this is a travesty against ‘him’.

It is inconceivable that all these victims would be lying. Why would they all be lying? They are not connected to each other. And they all bravely confirmed what he had done to them individually. Continue reading


Unconsciously seeking re-traumatisation of abuse, as self harm, or re-enactment of previous abuse.

Put this out on my page today, as it is something I have been thinking about.

This is a topic I am thinking a lot about and it is a sensitive, emotive subject, so please know, there is no absolutely no judgment here at all, just trying to process it, for myself and also to share with others who may relate.

This happens, I have read about it.

I think part of some of my previous behaviours, have had an element of this in them.

Self harm, can come in many less overt and less obvious ways.

Please know, in no way am I suggesting that all abuse is this, at all.

But it can be for some, in some cases.