Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Meeting up with a friend tomorrow and really looking forward to it.

I haven’t been out much over the last few months, PTSD symptoms and isolating stuff pretty bad, hives, anxiety.

A lovely friend contacted me and asked about catching up tomorrow, which was such good timing, because I have been feeling so much better yesterday and today and feel up to getting out.

I know when things are ‘up’ to make the most of it, as it may not stay that way, as severe abuse related PTSD often cycles around and as new memories and new and deeper understand about the severe abuse I have endured, means I am so low at times and it takes time for me to recover.

So, I am going to take this opportunity to get out, interact in the world, talk to my friend about what’s happening with her in her life and connect.

Really looking forward to tomorrow!



You can’t heal if you don’t have the tools/medical help to heal, emotional/physical/mental health.

There is no difference in needing coping/healing tools and appropriate medical health, for either physical illness, or emotional illness, or mental health illness.

Health is health, illness is illness, in any form.

If a person is suffering a physical illness – eg heart problems, cancer, diabetes, they require specialised treatment, education about how to cope and manage the illness, medical help and support. If they do not receive this, the illness does not improve, often will worsen and can result in death.

This is no difference to recovery/management/treatmnent of physical illness….to recovery/management/treatment for emotional health due to abuse/trauma and mental illness, such as PTSD, Bipolar etc.

No-one can heal, manage, cope, treat – if they do not know HOW.

Take PTSD, I have been professionally diagnosed with this by two people, a doctor and a psychiatrist. Unofficially I also have Complex PTSD.

PTSD, will not just go away, if the suffer doesn’t know how to heal, recover, cope, manage.

It would continue to worsen, and could lead to death, as PTSD when severe is a life threatening illness.

PTSD like all and any other illness – requires appropriate health treatment, needs education, coping techniques, sometimes medication, support and advice.

Only then, is there any hope for it to lesson, or to recover.